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The marriage of Imam Hassan Askari

imam zaman

After so many hard days and nights, princess Narguess felt happy finally; Bashar saw with stupor, that she was smiling and kissing the letter written by Imam Hadi.

Bashar asked her astonished:” What are you doing? You do not even know who the writer of this letter is! ”

 Narguess smiled and narrated her life story to him: from the moment the Crosses fell down until her meeting with Hazrate Mahdie Zahra [pbuh] and her husband Imam Hassan [ pbuh] in the realm of dreams.”

Bashar told her curiously: “It is very strange that you are a Roman, but can also speak Arabic so fluently…! “

Narguess smiled and explained:” Yes, because my grandfather loved me very much…  So he was very serious about my studies. He appointed a woman who could speak many languages as my teacher. Therefore, I learned Arabic from the best teacher ever! ”

The greatest and the most blessed news!

The next morning, Bashar and Narguess reached Samera and they went to the house of Imam Hadi. The illustrious Imam welcomed Narguess gracefully and told her with great affection:”Welcome my dear child! Now do you believe in the Majesty and Greatness of Islam, and the honorable behavior of the Ahl-ul-Bayt [The descendants of the venerable Prophet] of the venerable Prophet…? ”

Narguess responded obediently to his lord and said: ”Yabna Rassulollah! [O, Son of the Messenger of Allah!] How can I express all my thought and feelings, whereas you are more wiser and knowledgeable than me in so many ways…? ”

Imam Hadi [pbuh] told her:”My child, I would like to give you a gift… Do you like to receive one thousand dinars, or do like me to announce you a glad tidings that will bring you an eternal honor and dignity? ”

Narguess who had tolerated all the hardships of her long journey and waited only to hear this joyful news answered: ”My lord, with all due honor, I am ready to hear the joyful news. ”

Imam smiled and told her:”My child! Our Holy God will give you a son who will be the Sovereign of all he worlds, from east to west and everything will be under his command! He will bring justice and equity while the earth has already fallen into Tyranny, oppression and injustice! ”

Narguess asked from Imam Hadi:”My lord! Who will be the father of this child? ”

Hazrate Mahdi Hadi responded her:”The father of this child is the same one that our venerable Prophet, on that special night, came into your dream and recited the marriage vows between you and him… While Jesus son of Mary, along with his successor were also there. Do you remember?”

Narguess answered quickly:” Yes of course I remember! How can I forget this sweet and important event?!  That special night when Hazrate Mahdi Zahra came to my dream, and I became converted into Islam with her holy hands. From then on, my husband comes in my dream every night.”

Lady Hakimeh and Lady Narguess

After that conversation, Imam Hadi asked his servant to call his sister, Lady Hakimeh to join them; when she entered the room, Imam Hadi told her:” My beloved sister!  Narguess is the one that I had talked about her before… “

Lady Hakimeh welcomed her kindly and embraced her, while pressing her in her arms. Imam Hadi smiled and said:”My good sister! Please, take Narguess with you and teach her the Commandments of Islam, because this sweet and innocent girl is the legitimate wife of my son and also the mother of the last Imam to come...”


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