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Tourist destinations in Ray (part2)

ray bazaar


Shah Abbasi Caravansary

One of the ancient residential and commercial complexes, which was used as a lodging by traders and located on the shrine street, close to the Bazaar. It comprises four verandas and is surrounded by stones all around, which used to serve as a market place where goods and commercial products were presented and sold by traders.

Ray Bazaar

Located to the north of Shah-Abdul-Aziz’s shrine, which comprises two sections and a crossroad is formed at their intersection. It has long been a center for the sale of spices, traditional herbs, and commercial goods which were imported by traders via the Silk Road.

The structure of the bazaar is constructed from plaster, brick, raw mud brick and mud. It dates back to the Safavid era and is approximately 500 years old.

Anyanaj Tower

An octagonal tower known as Naqareh Khaneh stands on the slopes of Tabarak Mountain. A cellar is linked to the tower from underneath though a vestibule erected outside. The tower, which is constructed by stone and plaster and decorated by brickwork and zigzag vaults, dates back to the Seljuk era.

Gebri Crypt

Zoroastrians lived in this area, who used to leave the corpses of the dead in the open air. According to their traditions, once the flesh had decayed, the remaining bones would be buried. The ancient Zoroastrians disapproved of contaminating the earth with a corpse through regular burial, or contaminating fire through cremation. Gebri crypt was built as a high circular structure, six meters high, which was constructed by stone and mortar.

Paintings of Monarchs on Ashkan Mountain

At the order of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, a slide was erected on the Ashkan Mountain as a sliding and recreation tool for the monarchic family. At the southern slopes of the mountain, a rough image of the Sassanid kings has been carved on a rock, which was leveled for this purpose. The image was left incomplete.

Later at the order of Fath Ali Shah the image was erased to be replaced by his own portrait, while he had a crown on head and a spear in hand targeted at a lion.

cheshmeh ali hill

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