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Meeting with her husband

(Lady Narguess and Imam Hassan Askari)

hazrat mahdi

Narguess woke up the next morning, and remembered clearly her dream; she was so sure that her husband, Imam Hassan[pbuh] will come in her dream to see her during the next night, that she joyfully  repeated her Islamic testimony once again, so as to make sure that everything was henceforth ready for her real meeting with her husband…

 Narguess was sure about her husband’s presence on the very night, in her dream. So she made herself ready to meet Imam Hassan [Pbuh] and went quickly to sleep. In fact, upon entering the realm of dreams, she met her beloved husband and after their greetings to each other she told him:”My beloved husband! Why didn’t you come earlier to see your wife…? Do you know how much I love you and how much pain I suffered from your long absence…? ”

Imam Hassan replied her tenderly:”Oh, my sweet wife! After your conversion to Islam, I promise you that from now on, I will never leave you! And I also promise you that I will come to your dream every night, just to see you…”

Destination: Iraq

One night, Imam Hassan [pbuh ] which was in Narguess’s dream informed her gravely: ”In the near future, your grandfather will prepare a powerful army to fight against the Muslims… He himself will be the Chief Commander of his soldiers.  Narguess…! Listen carefully: you should change your clothes and put on the clothes of a simple slave and incognito, go along with your grandfather’s army… In due time, I shall inform you about what you should do after that. So be aware and wait for my next instructions! “

Narguess did exactly what her husband had ordered him, and dressed like slaves and went along with other slaves who had to accompany her grandfather’s army. In their way to battlefield, some roman sentinels from her grandfather’s army poisoned some of the Muslim soldiers and Narguess got very sad about the future of the unfortunate Muslims. From that special night when Narguess had converted to Islam with the sweet, kind assistance of Hazrat Mahdi Zahra, and even in her way to Iraq, Imam Hassan came to her dreams every night, without exception, and he protected most firmly his young bride from every danger.

 In the House of Imamate

There began, a new chapter in Narguess’s life…

It was truly a difficult journey for the young princess; but the thought of going to her husband, made the hardships of that tiring journey, most pleasurable and a happy one for Narguess. It was the beginning of her new life in the Household of Imamate…

hazrat mahdi

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