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Occultation of Imam Mahdi(AJ)

jamkaran mosque

Imam Hassan [pbuh], said:” My dear aunt! Please take Mahdi to his mother. So that she may feed his son. Then do come back here again along with my son. Give Mahdi to his mother and make her happy! For truly God’s Promise is constant and firm! ”

Lady Hakimeh gave the baby to his delighted mother and Hazrat Mahdi with a sweet, innocent smile declared his greetings to his mother.  Narguess embraced joyfully his son, and pressed him tightly to her bosom, and smelled his sweet, pure perfume and kissed him a lot. She then began fed him happily.           

Greetings of the servants

 With God Almighty’s Permission, Imam Hassan [pbuh] called some of his faithful, loyal servants that the young Imam knew well of their secrecy. He knew that they will never disclose the news of the infant’s birth to strangers; he called on them to enter the room and be the witnesses of this birth; Imam smiled and said:” Come! Come here and say your greetings to my son; you may also kiss him. Then say that you will entrust him in the Hands of God; and then you may leave.”

After a few minutes, loyal servants who lived in Imam Hassan’s house entered the room. They were very excited and happy that they could offer their greetings to Hazrat Mahdi, and then leave them alone. Imam Hassan said:” My aunt!  Please bring Narguess here to make her farewell with her son…”

She came in the room and made her farewell to her newborn while she was deeply sad…

The green birds

Suddenly a lot of beautiful green birds appeared and embraced Imam Hassan, Hazrat Mahdi, Narguess, lady Hakimeh. Imam Hassan [ pbuh ] said his greetings to them and talked to one of them and then declared:” Please, take my son and protect him until you reach the Presence of God Almighty.”

That same bird took Hazrat Mahdi with itself, and along with its companions left Imam Hassan and his family and flew high above to reach Heaven. Imam Hassan [pbuh] closed his eyes and said:

" My son, I let you in the Hands of Merciful God…! Exactly like what did Moses’s mother…”

After a while, lady Hakimeh asked:”My lord! Who were those birds?” Imam smiled and said:”The one to whom I gave my son was the Archangel Gabriel! The others were the Angels of Blessing who were accompanying Him.”

When Narguess saw that the birds had gone away with his newborn, she started silently to cry. But her husband, Imam Hassan comforted her tenderly and calmly and said:” My sweet wife, do not worry. Soon the Will of God Almighty will give your son back to you, just like the Prophet Moses who returned to his mother! Know that no one has the permission of feeding our son, but you! ”


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