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Imam Mahdi (AJ) journey to Empyrean

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In the Presence of God Almighty in the Empyrean

When Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] soared high up to the sky, two other Archangels took Hazrat Mahdi to the Empyrean. God Almighty from His Glorious Throne spoke to Hazrat Mahdi and announced:” Welcome…! Greetings to thee, my chosen servant!  Thou who art sent down to help My Religion and executing My Commands!  I swore and promised to myself, that by thy hand, I will reprimand, bestow Blessings, torment the wrongdoers and forgive my believers...!

O, My Archangels…! Take My “Chosen servant “with honor and respect to his father! Tell him his son is verily my last Living Proof on earth. Mahdi will be under My Pledge and Protection, until the day I will fulfill an Eternal Justice and Right. I will then destroy the wicked wrongdoers, and all things vain and futile, and make my Last Religion, Eternal and Everlasting through his hands.”

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