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Early Days of Imam Mahdi (AJ) Life (Part 1)

imam mahdi and flowers

The green cradle

Lady Hakimeh narrated in her turn:” Three days after the birth of our master, Hazrat Mahdi, I was missing him so much that I decided impulsively to go and see him. I went to Imam Hassan’s house and went to Narguess’s room to see her little boy.  She wore a yellow dress and she had tied her head with some cloth. I greeted her and she kindly welcomed me. I saw the cradle in a corner in the room. She had spread a green cloth on the baby’s body; I drew away the cloth and saw my sweet little lord who was fast sleep! His mother had not tied his hands and feet.

When Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] opened his innocent eyes, he smiled at me and played with my fingers; I embraced him tenderly and hold him in my arms, while I was kissing him all over the face! I smelled once again his ethereal, unique body perfume. I had never smelled a better perfume than that, in my whole life!

At that moment Imam Hassan [pbuh]:”My dear aunt! Bring on my little sweet son here to me…”

When I took him to his father, Imam Hassan kissed him tenderly, and gazed at him for a moment, then he said: "My son, I entrust you to God Almighty! Just as Moses’s mother entrusted her son to Him!  May God Almighty be your Protector! My beloved aunt! Bring back my son to his mother, and know that you should hide the news of his birth from everyone.”

Lady Hakimeh continued and said:” I brought back my lord Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] to his mother, and returned to my house after that.”

On the third day after the birth of Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!]; Imam Hassan introduced his son formally to his special companions and said:


" This is my successor and your next Imam after me. It is he, to whom the masses of people will pray for his Apparition during his long Absence! When the earth will be filled with tyranny and corruption, he will come to save the world and along with his faithful, loyal believers, he will spread Justice and Equity all over the world!”

Speaking during childhood

Lady Hakimeh narrated:”One the seventh day of his birth, I went to Imam Hassan’s house.  Imam Hassan, after his greeting to me and after having said his welcome to me, declared:” Dear aunt, bring on my child to me...”

I brought Hazrat Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] quickly to his father while the baby had a yellow cloth on him. Imam Hassan embraced his son and put his tongue inside his mouth and Hazrat Mahdi sweetly smiled.

Then Imam Hassan [pbuh] said:”Speak up my son! ”

Hazrat Mahdi said:” I testify that there is no God but Allah, and greetings to the holy Imams! “Until he arrived at his own name; he then uttered the fifth and sixth verses of the noble Surah Al-Qisas:

”…And we wished to do a favor to those who were weak

[and oppressed] in the land and to make them rulers and to make them the inheritors and to establish them in the land; and we let Fir’awn [Pharaoh] and Haman and their hosts receive from them that which they feared.”

Who am I?

One of Imam Hassan’s servants once said:”One day, I felt I should see my lord Hazrat Mahdi [ may God hasten his Apparition! ]; so  I went his room and while he was fast sleep in his cradle, Hazrat Mahdi said suddenly: ”Bring me a red sandal.”

I obeyed him quickly and gave him the red sandal and Imam said:”Do you know me…? ”

I said:” Yes my lord! “

Imam asked me again:” Who am I”

I replied:” You are my lord and the son of my lord.”

On another occasion, Imam Mahdi said: “I didn’t ask you to give me this answer…”

I said:” O, may my life be offered to you! Please you tell me yourself who you are!”


Imam Mahdi said:” I am the last Imam and because of my very existence, God Almighty shall verily protect my true believers from all disasters! I am the one who establishes the Religion of God.”

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