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Birth Details of Imam Mahdi(AJ) (Part 3)

imam mahdi

The birth of the awaited son at dawn

On Friday, at sunrise, on the fifteenth day of the month of Sha’ban of the year 255 after Hegira, which coincided with the Christian calendar as July 29th of the year 869, the Last Promise of God Almighty, came in this world.

Hazrate Mahdi, the Possessor [Detainer] of Time, spread his Holy Light to all over the world…!

At that moment, lady Hakimeh was beside Imam Hassan; but Imam Hassan asked her to re-enter Narguess’s room. She accepted readily the Imam’s order, but stopped suddenly in front of Narguess‘s room; she was stunned, because the room was full of a pure and Divine Light…! She then saw a beautiful, sweet infant boy, who was bowing down toward Qibla and praising God Almighty.

The astonished lady Hakimeh saw Narguess’s face and forehead which were shining splendidly! More than the midday sun!

The bowing down toward Qibla                                                                        

While Hazrate Mahdi was bowing down toward Qibla, he had also raised his index finger to the sky and was uttering these words:

”I testify that there is no God but Allah! I also believe in a Single, Unique God; and there is no partner for Him; I testify that my ancestor is the Messenger of God and I testify that my father the Commander of the believers was the Proof of God! ”

Then Hazrate Mahdi said the names of his illustrious ancestors and called them the “Proofs “of God Almighty; when Hazrate Mahdi [may God hasten his Apparition!] Uttered God’s Holy Names, he added:”O, God Almighty! Please, Fulfill Your Promise for me, and Help me finish my duty! Make my steps constant and firm, and Spread Thy Justice and Equity all over the World, by my hand! ”         

The companions of Hazrate Mahdi           

After having pronounced those holy prayers, Hazrate Mahdi sat on his knee, raised his head and his index finger toward the sky and sneezed a few times; after each sneeze Hazrate Mahdi uttered: “Praise be the Lord God, and the Creator of the Worlds! And may God’s Greetings and Blessings be bestowed on Muhammad and his holy Family! I am a servant of God, one who is submissive without any pride, and I will always invoke and remember my Creator, God Almighty! The power of darkness thinks wrongly that the Proof of God has been destroyed so far; if we were permitted to talk, surely all doubts and hesitations would have vanished! ”

After that, a multitude of white birds descended from Heaven, and rubbed their sweet, white, pure wings on Hazrate Mahdi’s tender feet and hands, and his holy face.


When lady Hakimeh narrated these events to Imam Hassan, he smiled and said:” Those are the Purest Angels of God! They have come down to consecrate themselves! They are to be his companions on the Day of Resurrection… “

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