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Birth Details of Imam Mahdi(AJ)( Part 2)

jamkaran moaque

The words of the baby with lady Hakimeh

After a few minutes had passed, lady Hakimeh went to Narguess’s room and saw that she was trembling. Lady Hakimeh took her quickly in her arms and told her:”Why, my sweet lady!  Are you well? Do you think the time of the birth of your son has finally come…? ”

Narguess told her:”Yes, I think the time has come…”Then Imam Hassan ordered from another room:”My aunt, do please read loudly the verses of “Al-Qadr “!”

While lady Hakimeh was reciting the verses of the noble Surah Al-Qadr, she heard suddenly that the baby from inside Narguess’s womb began to recite the same Surah, along with lady Hakimeh! After having finished that, the baby inside Narguess’s womb said his greetings to lady Hakimeh.

For a moment, lady Hakimeh got frightened and ran toward Imam Hassan [pbuh]. But he told her:”My aunt, do not be afraid and do not wonder about the Will of God Almighty! Do you not know that God Almighty make us [ all Imams ] skillful speakers from our very infancy  and in our adulthood, appoint us as His Living Proof on earth…? ”

The final moment

Lady Hakimeh returned to Narguess’s room and with her fragile hands, held lady Hakimeh’s hands tightly, and closed her eyes. Then she began to recite verses of the Holy Qur’an.

At that moment, Narguess vanished in front of lady Hakimeh’s eyes! It seemed that an invisible curtain had suddenly dropped down and separated lady Hakimeh from Narguess! Once again, lady Hakimeh ran quickly toward Imam’s room, but Imam Hassan did not let her explain what she had just witnessed and said to her:”Do not worry!  My dear aunt, go back to the room, and you will see her once again in her place.”


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