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Birth Details of Imam Mahdi (AJ) (Part 1)

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Mahdi: The Savior of the World, Son of Narguess

Narguess began to wonder about lady Hakmieh’s words and strange behavior, because she had never let lady Hakimeh do anything! And now, suddenly, lady Hakimeh was telling her the strangest thing ever:” My child!  God Almighty will grant you a son this very night…!

He shall be the Master of all the people of the world! And one day, he will solve all the hardships and problems of all of his believers, by God’s Will! ”

Narguess had not expected to hear such words from lady Hakimeh, so she became very embarrassed and said modestly: ”My sweet lady, what are you talking about? ”

Lady Hakimeh answered her quickly: ”No, please do not call me like that ever again! You are my lady and you are the greatest Lady of this era! Do not wonder nor doubt about your high rank and position, my child! ”

After this brief conversation, lady Hakimeh looked at the body of Narguess; but she did not see any exterior sign of her pregnancy!

She asked Narguess about her general condition, and she responded her that she was well, she did not have any headaches or any pains… Then both of them went to see Imam Hassan and lady Hakimeh told him:”My lord, I didn’t see any exterior signs of pregnancy in Narguess’s body! ”

Imam Hassan smiled kindly and replied:” Dear aunt! Be assured that my son will be born tonight!

The mother of my son is like the mother of Prophet Moses; so there shall not be any signs of pregnancy in her, until the time of birth; just as on that era, the Pharaoh’s soldiers by his direct order were killing all the pregnant women they saw, so as to find and kill baby Moses… My son is like Mosses.

My sweet wife, know that your baby is a boy and that his name is Muhammad, and that he is the next and the last Imam after me.”

Serenity and tranquility appeared on Narguess’s pure and innocent face, after she heard those words from her beloved husband and Imam.

Calmly, she asked him:” My lord, what is the right time for the birth of my baby? ”Imam responded:”Beloved wife! It will coincide with the rise of dawn.”

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The Night Prayer

At sunset of the fourteenth day of the month of Sha’ban, after the prayers of Maghrib and Isha, Imam Hassan, lady Hakimeh and Narguess broke their fast and ate their dinner. After a while, Narguess went to her room to rest a little, and she slept peacefully; lady Hakimeh in her turn went inside her room to be beside Narguess; maybe she might need something… So she could help her quickly; Imam Hassan in his turn, sat in one corner of the room, to rest for a moment.

After resting for an hour, lady Hakimeh woke up sooner than usual for the Night Prayer. She went to the backyard to perform her ablution. When she returned inside the room, she was thinking still about the birth of that illustrious baby; so she looked up at Narguess; but the young woman was fast sleep! She was sleeping deeply and serenely, and she did not move in her bed as pregnant women do.

After performing the rituals of the Night Prayer, lady Hakimeh sat in a corner of the room to rest for some moments, but she slept once again; after a while, she woke up suddenly and saw that Imam Hassan and Narguess were already ready for the Night Prayer. They were going each, to their own Mihrab to pray their God.

After finishing her prayer, Narguess returned to her bed and slept, while Imam Hassan and lady Hakimeh remained in their place to pray and to wait for the beginning of that great event.

The waiting…

After an hour had passed, lady Hakimeh went to the backyard and gazed at the nightly sky… It seemed that the rising of the dawn was close. For a moment, lady Hakimeh felt a kind of doubt about the time of the birth of the baby in her heart and said to herself dubiously:

” And now, dawn is beginning to come… But still, there is no sign of the Promise of my Imam…”

Suddenly Imam Hassan, from inside the house said loudly:

” My dear aunt, do not let your heart and mind have such thoughts! Do not doubt! We are so close to the Will of God Almighty! “

Lady Hakimeh, most embarrassed from her thoughts and doubt, returned quickly inside the house and read some noble verses from the Surah “ Saj’dah “ and Yassin “ from the Holy Qur’an.

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