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The Province of Mazandaran

nature of mazandaran

Geographical Position

Mazandaran province covers an area of 23,833 sq. km. The townships of the province are as follows: Amol, Babol, Babolsar, Behshahr, Tonekabon, Chaloos, Ramsar, Sary, Savad Kooh, Qaem Shahr, Mahmood Abad, Neka, Noor and Noshahr. The city of Sary is the center of Mazandaran province.

Mazandaran (Khazar) Sea or the Caspian Sea is to the north, the provinces of Tehran and Semnan lie towards the south. To the west it has common borders with the Gilan province, and to the east stands the province of Golestan. According to the census of 1996, the population of the province was about 2.6 million. 46 % of these populations were registered as urban dwellers, 54 % dwell in the rural areas and the remaining were non-residents.

From the geographical point of view, Mazandaran province is divided into two parts i.e. coastal plain and the mountainous area. The Alborz Mountain Range like a huge wall has surrounded the coastal strip and plains of the Caspian Sea.

Due to permanent sea breeze and local winds of the southern and eastern coasts of the Caspian Sea, sandy hills are formed, causing the appearance of a low natural barrier between the sea and plain.


Mazandaran province naturally comes under the influence of the geographical latitude, Alborz heights, elevation from sea level, distance from the sea, the southern barren areas of Turkmenistan, local and regional air currents, and versatile vegetation cover. Therefore, prompting the climate of the province to be divided into three types:

• Moderate Caspian weather with hot, humid summers, and mild, humid winters.

• Moderate mountainous weather with long, cold, and freezing winters and mild and short summers,

• Cold mountainous weather with long freezing winters and short cool summers.There is often snowfall during most of the seasons in the latter region, which continues till mid -summer.  


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