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History and Culture, Kohgiluyeh  & Boyer Ahmad 

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The province of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad, in the near past, was one of the districts of Fars province, consisting of two parts being the north eastern that was cold and mountainous and the southwestern sector which had tropical weather and was formerly called Behbahan Kooh. Till June 23, 1963 a part of the present province of Kohgiluyeh &Boyer Ahmad, was affiliated to the Khuzestan province and a part to Fars province. In Nov. 6, 1959, the tropical part of Behbahan was changed to the township of Kohgiluyeh  with its center as Dehdasht. The same was a part of Khuzestan province and the remaining to the province of Fars. Following the riot of Boyer Ahmad in July 13, 1963, Kohgiluyeh& Boyer Ahmad was separated from the Fars and Khuzestan provinces. 

According to the approval of the Parliament of the times it came under a Governor General and Yasooj which was till then devoid of inhabitants, was assigned as its center. In March 1974 Kohgiluyeh &Boyer Ahmad was changed to a province.

According to the book of 'Mamasani in the Passage of History', Lurestan, Chahar Mahal &Bakhtiyari, Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad, Mamasani and even Dashtestan, Bushehr, with a common background, all had the same dialect, holding similar cultures and traditions.

 Furthermore, Boyer Ahmad and Kohgiluyeh also benefited from same culture and social behaviors and had a direct relationship regarding the tribes.

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