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Ancient Prophets for a Modern World,Jesus (P):Judo-Christian Tradition Part 7



The Jews have denied, entirely, the miraculous virgin conception of Prophet Jesus. They have, even further, accused the Virgin Mary (peace be upon her) with unchastity. 

Christians hold various stands with regard to this miracle. Disbelief in the virgin-birth has been referred to by many early Christian writers such as Origen as ‘madness and blasphemy’, and ‘heresy’ by St. Augustine.  Modern liberal Christian theologians, however, have generally rejected the virgin conception and classify it as a religious myth. They argue that St. Paul has never mentioned the virgin birth anywhere in his writings. Also the genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew, it is stated that he is of the seed of David (Matthew 1) and this is confirmed by St. Paul in Romans 1.  Though in both Matthew (1) and Luke (3) it is shown that he is from the line of David, but through Joseph, not Mary. Among the Gospels only Matthew and Luke dealt with the story of the virgin birth, though with some differences. Some theologians argue that the original text of the third Gospel (Luke) began with our present third chapter, the first two chapters being a later addition. The same is suggested for the first chapter of Matthew.  Most Catholics, however, still believe in the doctrine of the virgin conception of Jesus.

Once again, thanks be to the Almighty Allah that in His Glorious Quran He  revealed the true story of the miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) with no obscurity. 



The concept of the miraculous virgin-birth of Prophet Jesus is an article of faith for the Muslims. Faithful people acknowledge the fact that the laws of nature are created by the Almighty and are subjugated to His Might. Thus, miracles occur in nature by the Will of Allah. The creation of Jesus without a father is easier to comprehend than the creation of Adam from soil. Thus, the holy Quran states:  “

Verily, the likeness of Jesus before Allah is the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then (He) said to him: “Be!” and he was.” [3:59]

Nonetheless, modern embryology has proven this so-called ancient fable to be a possible fact. The term for the virgin birth is referred to in biology as ‘parthenogenesis’.

Parthenogenesis is the production of new individuals from virgin females by means of ova which have the power of developing without the intervention of the male element. It is the production, without fertilization.

 This type of production occurs naturally in some insects and reptiles. Until the new discovery in April 2004 embryologists used to believe that it does not naturally occur in mammals. On 22 April 2004 ABC broadcasted news of the world’s first mammalian virgin birth. A team of Japanese and Korean scientists announced that their laboratory mouse, reproduced without the aid of a father. The detailed news was also printed in the 22 April 2004 issue of the renowned scientific journal of Nature. The Australian embryologist, Professor Patrick Tam, who co-wrote a commentary in the same issue of the journal said: “I was amazed because this hasn’t been possible before.”


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