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The Generous and Pious (Part 1)


Forty years of the life of Imam Ali ar-Reza (peace be upon him) had passed, and he still had no son to inherit the Imamate. On the tenth of Rajab, in the year 195 AH, the followers of Imam Reza were blessed with the auspicious birth of the sole heir to their Imam. Imam Muhammad al-Javad"s (peace be upon him) birth helped ease the anxiety that many Shias were having at the time with regards to who would continue the Imamate after Imam Reza.

His Blessed Lineage

Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) had spoken highly of the virtue and great status that belonged to Imam Javad"s mother.

Lady Sabika (also known as Khaizarun) was from the same family as Maria Qutbiya, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny).

The parents of Imam Javad were both granted a great status among the believers and were recognized for their piety, fear of Allah, and worship.

His Titles

The Imam was characterized by many epithets that accurately reflected His sublime virtues, among them being:

Al-Javad: The generous, which is an accurate reflection of Imam Javad"s many acts of kindness and charity. The life of our ninth Imam exemplified benevolence and generosity.

The door of Imam Jawad was always open to the poor who would come to him for food.

 The Imam would also seek the poor people of Medina at night and bring to them whatever items he could.

Al-Taqi: The Pious. Imam Javad was married to Umm Fadhl, the daughter of Caliph Mamoon ar-Rashid. However, he continued to lead a simple life, opting for poverty instead of the deceiving wealth that his wife was attached to. The Imam also resisted the plans of the Abbasid caliph who tried to stray him off the righteousness with material items. Instead, Imam Jawad found refuge in Allah, and these acts of piety also earned him the title Al-Mutawakkil (The Reliant on Allah).

Al-Qani" and Ar-Razi: The Content. Imam Javad used to lead a life of simplicity, free from the shackles of greed. His clothes used to be made from a very basic fabric that was anything but extravagant. One day, when someone approached the Imam about his dress and asked why he didn"t choose to don more expensive dress, Imam Javad replied,

imam javad

‘We Ahl-ul-Bayt are content on whatever we get, and we do not allow greed to approach us.’


Author: Huda Jawad

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