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How Morals (Aklaq) will save us in the Hereafter?

name of the prophet muhammad

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: ‘The best believer is one with the best temper. The best person is one who is best for the people and the most useful person is one who is most useful for the people.’

It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) got the news of the death of Saad bin Maaz Ansari; he proceeded along with the companions to join the funeral procession. He stood near Saad bin Maaz Ansari while he was given the ritual final bath. When the bath was over, he accompanied the bier without footwear and bare-head as is the custom of the mourners. He sometimes carried the bier on his right shoulder and at other on his left. On reaching the graveside, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself descended into the pit and with his own hands lowered Saad bin Maaz Ansari into the grave. Then he arranged the bricks in the grave and put soil to fill the grave. While putting soil into the grave the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, ‘Saad"s mortal remains will get lost in the soil but Allah (SWT) likes that the deeds one does are good and durable!’ When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was giving the last touches to the grave of Saad, the dead companion"s mother cried, "O Saad! Greetings on your achieving the Heaven!"

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, "O mother of Saad! Keep quiet! At the moment Saad is undergoing the pressures (Fishaar) of the grave!"

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) returned from the grave yard, the companions asked him, "O messenger of Allah! The way you have attended Saad"s funeral, we have not seen you do any time in the past. You went bare-footed. You kept your head uncovered."

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied, "I saw the angels do likewise and I followed suit."

The companions asked, "Sometimes you carried the bier on your right shoulder and at others on the left?"

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied, "I was with Jibreel (Gabriel), whichever side he went, I went the same way!" The companions asked, "You have yourself given bath to Saad, led the funeral prayer, lowered him into the grave and in the end said that he was undergoing the Fishaar of the grave!" The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied, "Saad was undergoing the Fishaar because he used to treat the people of his house and friends with ill-temper."

name of the prophet muhammad

Source: al-islam.org

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