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Imam Khomeini Saying: Theology & Servitude

imam khomeini and seyed ahmad khomeini

God is the light, all else is darkness.

We are all from God; the whole universe is of God, a manifestation of God and unto Him all shall return.

The entire purposes of the prophets converge on one word and that is: the knowledge of God.

The essential purpose of Revelation is to develop knowledge in man.

Most of the wailing of the saints is due to pangs of separation from the Beloved and for His wondrous acts.

All the excellences achieved by Prophets and Saints are by detachment from all that is not of God and by attachment to Him.

That which admits man to God"s Threshold is his severance with all that is not of God, a thing not attainable by all.

Link yourselves up to this ocean, ocean of divinity, ocean of prophet hood, ocean of the Holy Quran.

Evidently, adoration, worship and sanctification of God requires Knowledge andawareness of His Most Exalted Station, Attributes of His beauty and grandeur, Without due knowledge and awareness, it cannot be fulfilled.

Rules of servitude imply that no power is recognized except that of God and none be adored but God and His Divine Saints.

imam khomeini

The essence of praise accrues to none but God, your praise of a rose or an apple is praise of the Lord.

If your actions be not rooted in divinity and you leave Islamic unity, you will surely he ostracized.

Material Incentives may follow divine purposes but they are no longer material, they become divine.

A criterion for distinguishing divine from devil is in minding the action and not the doer.

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