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Imam Khomeini wise Saying: Islam & Our Deeds

a child kissing imam khomeini

Today, Islam depends on your deeds.

Set up Islam as standard for your actions.

They will not admit we are Islamic unless we ourselves act according to Islam.

Right now, Islam is in our hands and we are its guards. If it is hurt, we are all

responsible before God.

Consider that you are a custodian of Islam not of yourself.

Let us recant this Satanic cover in favor of a divine one, this means acting according to the Islamic order.

You dedicated Muslims paid Islam and God their dues and taught us the way to be faithful and how to sacrifice.

Learn lessons from God"s divine authorities who were always after the school not after their own.

What makes hardships easy to bear is the fact that we tolerate them for the sake of Islam.

You achieved this victory with Islam and must advance it with Islam. It was the power of Islam and faith that drove people to unity and it was the unity and

the power of faith that led people to victory.

imam khomeini

It was by reliance on the exalted teachings of Islam and our faith in its principles that we, empty-handed, conquered all Satanic forces.

If this country become Islamic and education become Islamic, no power can challenge it.

If Islamic decrees and rules be implemented in the country, all material and moral aspects will be secured.

It is our duty, today, to be ready to stand and tolerate any pain in our opposition to dangers that threaten Islam and the Muslims. This is necessary for severing the hands of the traitors and to check their prejudices and greed.

We must sacrifice ourselves, our hopes and wishes for Islam.

Today, the most estranged object in the world is Islam, its salvation requires sacrifices.

Pray that I be one!

My dear ones, do not fear sacrificing lives and properties for God, Islam and for the Islamic nation for such was the conduct of the great Prophet, his disciples and authorities and our blood is of no better hue than that of the Martyrs of Karbala which was shed in opposition to the cruel monarch who feigned Islam and declared himself the Caliph. You who have risen for Islam, who sacrifice your lives and properties, are in the ranks of the Martyrs of Karbala because you follow their ideology.

If Islam be laid out as it really is and as God Almighty has established it, it will be

recognized as the conqueror of colonizers.

imam khomeini

The great prophet of Islam sacrificed his all for Islam until he hoisted the banner of monotheism, as his followers we should dedicate our all to keep that banner hoisted.

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