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Imam Khomeini wise Saying: Propagation of Islam


Illuminate the bright face of Islam to the word! For, if this sight and its beatitudes to which the Quran and Tradition in all their aspects, invite all, emerge from under the mask of its foes and the misunderstanding of friends, Islam will surely conquer the world.


Enhance the teachings of Islam among the people for these top other issues and if they are set right all other matters shall be straightened.


If you present Islam as it really is to the world and act according to it, as it really says grandeur and mastery will be yours.


It is incumbent on us to invite people to the straight path, to the same straight path, which is the God's Divine Path.

imam khomeini

Muslims, especially Muslim ulema (theologians), are obligated to expand Islam and its teachings and present them to the people of the world.

What a pity that Muslims are in possession of an asset that is matchless everywhere on earth and yet, they are unable to present this treasure.

We have a duty to introduce Islam to the people all over the world.

Islam will face defeat if from one of us issues something contrary to Islamic rules and decrees.

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