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Imam Khomeini wise Saying: Divine  Prophets

imam khomeini

Prophets came to put the potential forces to work, to render man's potentials active.

The Prophets, one and all, made every effort to invite this creature (man) to the Straight Path and make him tread therein.

Prophetic mission aims at saving men's conducts, souls, and bodies from darkness; to remove all darkness and replace it with light.

The Prophets came to call people out of darkness into light.

Prophetic mission created a scientific, Gnostic change in the world that converted the insipid Greek philosophies which were formulated with all their past and present worth, by the Greek themselves, into an objective mysticism and a veritable intuitive perception or masters of divine insight.


If all prophets (SAW) would come together at one time, they would not differ about anything.

That which prophets wanted was to make all features of life, the entire dimensions of the universe and man essence of being and divine.


The bliss of the noble Prophet has been matchless in all the world from creation to the end (of time) and none like it will ever again appear.


"Zellullah" (lit., the Shadow of God) is the grandest messenger who is nothing of himself; it is revelation through and through.

Great God's praise and salaam to Hazrat Esau (Jesus) son of Mary, the Spirit of God and His Grand Messenger who revived the dead and awakened the slumbering ones.

God's praise and salaam to his noble mother, Maryam (Mary) who, by divine breath, gave such a great child to those who thirst for God's mercy.

(Addressed to priests): To please the Lord and carry out the decree of Jesus, let the bells in your churches peal once in favor of the oppressed Iranians, and in condemnation of the oppressors.


The essential business of the prophets has been to subdue, as much as possible, this self-love and to harness the egos.


We seek what is best for the society; we are followers of prophets who have come to reform the society, to lead the society to happiness.

If all prophets gather up in one place, they'll never quarrel with one another.

The prophets were not to take up the sword except against those for whom the sword was the cure; otherwise they would corrupt the community.

The prophets felt pity for the pagans, for the hypocrites, and wondered why they are as they are.

At the start of their mission, the prophets first confronted the upper class, His Holiness Moses, confronted the Pharaoh. The upper classes enjoy the priority of being confronted and guided first.

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