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Imam Khomeini Wise Saying: The Religion of Islam

imam khomeini

Islam is the highest school. Islam is more pure than all other schools in the world.

Islam has come for mankind, not for Muslims or Iranians only. Prophets are assigned to men and so was the Prophet of Islam.

Islam has come to purify mankind, Islam is the man-making school.

Islam has come for training mankind. The issue in Islam's program is man and his training.


Islam fights anything that draws mankind to vanity and self-alienation.


Islam is a school that has been sent down for cultivating mankind.


For this man, who is everything, that is, has stations, from Nature - to the supernatural - to the world of divinity; Islam has a thesis, a program.


With such a progressive school as Islam, there is no reason why the Iranian nation imitate Western or communistic models.


If everything becomes Islamic, an incorruptible society will ensue.

Islam is for the reform of the society.Islamic laws are progressive, complemented and comprehensive.

Islam has placed the greatest emphasis on thinking and contemplation and calls on man to renounce all superstitions and the bondages of reactionary, and anti-human powers and therefore, how can such a faith be incompatible with civilization and human initiatives, that result from his own experience?


The Devils are trying to break this Islam!

Today, Islam is standing up against all forms of paganism.

No power is posed opposite Islam! Initiate Islam as your leader and preceptor and he humble toward it.

Islam is dearer than what we imagine.

The school of Islam is the school of purification and refinement.

Islam adjusts material matters in such a way that they merge with divine affairs.

imam khomeini

Islam has said everything, but the difficulty rests with the Muslims.

The major problem of the Muslims is their separation from Islam and the Quran.

If nations would become aware of Islam, they'd realize that whatever they seek, they can find in Islam.


All the harms sustained by this country has come from persons who had no understanding of Islam.

Those with malicious views of Islam are those who have no understanding of Islam.

I advise you not to part ways with Islam; do not separate your path from that of the clergy; this is a divine power, do not lose it.


These great bastions of Islam and of the clergy are both despised by the aliens.

Islam has decreed that governments must provide services.

Islam is at the service of the oppressed.

Islam wishes you well, it will ensure your happiness in this and in the other world.

Islam has brought us everything.

Islam has come to save the oppressed.

Islam is the religion of freedom and independence.

Islam accepts materials as follow up to morals.

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