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Province of Kermanshah

kermanshah city

Geographical Position

The Kermanshah province with an area of 24,461 square kilometers is located in the west of the country. This province from the east is limited to the Hamadan province, from the north to Kurdistan province, from the west to Iraq and from the south to Ilam and Lurestan provinces. According to the latest divisions of the country in 1996, the townships of Kermanshah were Islam Abad Qarb, Paveh, Javan Rood, Sar Pol-e-Zahab, Sonqor, Sahneh, Qasr-e-Shirin, Kermanshah, Kangavar, Gilan Qarb, Harsin. 

The population of the province in 1996 was about 1.8 million out of which 61.7 percent were settled in the cities and 37.7 % resided in rural areas, the rest were non-residents.

The province of Kermanshah is located between Iranian Plateau and Mesopotamia Plain in the mountainous area and Zagross heights along with summits cover the whole area. Parts of the slopes of a lower incline and mountainous expansion are low lands and alluvium plains.

tagh bosatn in kermanshah


In accordance with its geographical location, the province has four climatic zones:

The mountainous temperate climatic zone in the western sector, covering part of the north and east of Paveh. This area enjoys cold winters and temperate summers.

The mountainous temperate climatic zone of the eastern Zagross with towns such as Kangavar, Harsin and parts of north-eastern Kermanshah with short winters and moderate summers.

The mountainous temperate zone of central Zagross with towns such as Islam Abad Qarb, Sar Pol-e-Zahab, Qasr-e-Shirin, and the south and southwest of Javan Rood is located in this area.

The semi-desert climatic zone of the western foothills of Zagross covering the southern parts of Gilan Qarb and having a temperate climate in winter and a warm and intolerable weather in summer.

In overall from climatic point of view, the Kermanshah province is divided into two regions one being the tropical zone in the west and the other the cold region in the rest of the zones. 

The important winds of the Kermanshah province consist of the western winds that transfer the relative humidity of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean to the territory of this province and causing rainfall. This current blows more in winter and spring. The northern winds that blow in summer are effective in modifying the climate in part of the province and reducing the heat. The "Saam" or "Somoum" wind blows only in the frontier zone making the climate very hot and intolerable in summers and also causing damages.

snow in kermanshah

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