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The Home - A place Where Allah is Remembered


These days, there are many Muslim homes that, although they are occupied with people, they are in fact, dead. This is because there is no remembrance of Allah, as mentioned in the following hadith. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“The likeness of a house in which Allah is remembered and the house in which Allah is not remembered is that of the living and the dead, respectively.”

Rather than a place where Allah is remembered, the Muslim home has become a place where there is the music of Shaytaan with instruments and singing, backbiting, slander, hara m mixing of the genders and want on display between relatives who are not mahram.

As parents we must ask ourselves, how can the angels enter a home like this? We must make our homes places where Allaah is remembered in all kinds of ways, whether in our hearts, verbally, during prayer, by reading Quran, by discussing Islamic issues, or by reading different kinds of Islamic books. Insha Allah, these are things that should occur on a consistent basis so that the angels will come to the home and bring Allah’s blessings to us and our families.

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