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Knowledge and wealth

saadis tomb

In Egypt dwelt two sons of a nobleman, one of whom acquired learning and the other gained wealth; the former became the most learned man of his time and the other Prince of Egypt. Afterwards the rich man looked with contempt on his learned brother, and said, 'I have arrived at monarchy, and you have continued in the same state of poverty.' He replied, 'o, brother, it behoveth me to be the more thankful to the divine creator since I have found the inheritance of the prophets, that is wisdom; and you have got the portion of Pharaoh, and Haman, or the Kingdom of Egypt.'

I am the ant, which men tread under their feet

And not the wasp, of whose sting they complain.

How shall I express my grateful sense of such blessing.

That I am not possessed of the means of oppressing mankind?

source: Gulisten saadi

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