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Role Model for everyone

name of hazrat fatimah

Support: a need of all human beings. At times we forget, or do not know how, to support one another, whether it is our family, friends, or colleagues, or looking at today, our Ummah.

Learning how to do something helps when we have role models or examples to follow.

Let us look to our dear Lady Fatimah (peace be upon her), for she gave the best example on how to support one another.

Today there is a lack of love and kindness in our hearts. There is a lack of sympathy and empathy in our feelings. When we see our fellow brother or sister in a sticky situation, we are quick to turn around and walk the other way. When is the last time we can honestly say that we supported financially, physically, or most importantly, emotionally, a fellow brother or sister?

Today, many of us are too concerned about ourselves that we forget how to think of how we can help another person.

Lady Fatimah was number one in support. As we are all aware, she was the strongest support for her father, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) and her husband Imam Ali (peace be upon him). When the Holy Prophet would come home with trash on himself, she would kindly remove it and remind him that she is his support through her actions, words, and beliefs. When her husband had his rights taken away, she spoke out and made clear that her support was never ending.

One may wonder what allows a woman to be able to be so supportive and strong.

Another quality we must learn from Lady Fatimah is her ultimate trust in Allah, her unshakable faith, and her needlessness from everyone except Him.

name of hazrat fatimah
 When one has complete trust in an authority (for example, a child's trust for its parents), a quality of complete comfort and confidence can be seen in their life. The one you can trust your life with is most probably someone you will do anything for. In Lady Fatimah's case, this was Allah Almighty, as should be our case as well. If we put all of our trust in His plans, we will see a change in our attitudes, our self-esteem, but most importantly, our deeds. A lot of times we have worries of the consequence action X may bring about, because we are not sure of what will be affected by the consequences or because we may be worried in hurting or helping someone in our life. If we only knew that Allah's pleasure is the only thing that can bring peace in our life, things would be much simpler.

Lady Fatimah said, 'Oh Allah! Content me with the sustenance you have granted me. And till such time that you keep me alive, hide me and make me sound and prosperous. And forgive me and take pity upon me when I die.

Oh Allah! Do not help me in something that you have not predestined for me. And facilitate the achievement of that thing which you have predestined for me.'

Imagine, if our every deed were to please Allah and for the sake of Islam, would not our load of stress be nonexistent? That is the way Lady Fatimah lived her life. If at home, she conducted the necessary duties of a wife, mother, and leader. In the political arena, she spoke out when injustices were openly being committed.

If we can look at Lady Fatimah's life in its every aspect and adopt the necessary qualities of support and trust in Allah, only then will we see a difference in ourselves. And when we see a difference in ourselves, we will see a difference in the world.

name of hazrat fatimah

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