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Afrikaan Proverbs

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1. proverb: Die doodskleed het geen sakke nie


meaning: He who dies cannot take any property with him to the afterlife.

name: cafeholique Afrikaans


2. proverb: Al dra 'n bobbejaan 'n goue ring, bly hy nog 'n lelike ding.

meaning: Even if a baboon wears a golden ring, it remains an ugly

thing. One should not be mislead by superficial changes. It rhymes in


name: Aubrey Franks


3. proverb: Agteros kom ook in die kraal.

meaning: The ox that walks behind also gets into the kraal(a pen for

livestock). Even the underdog eventually succeeeds.

name: Aubrey Franks 


4. proverb: Wie nie waag nie, wen nie.


meaning: He who doesn't take risks, doesn't win.

name: Aubrey Franks


5. proverb: n Mak hond buit die seerste.

meaning: A tame dog's bite hurts the most.

name: Aubrey Franks

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