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Best Ways for Treating Women in Depression


Treating depression in women or women in depression commonly involves psychotherapy and antidepressants, usually selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs. Both are equally effective with mild to moderate depression with psychotherapy being especially well adapted to depressive issues arising from given thought patterns and interpersonal relationships.

Cognitive behavior therapy coupled with the use of antidepressants can help women to alter the behaviors at the root of their depression so that they can ultimately go off the medication and cope quite well.

What are Some Tips for Dealing with Depression?

Exercise is a powerful remedy against depression. The body's natural endorphins, elevated by a good workout, will naturally improve your mood. At the same time you can help yourself to be happier, you will also be getting physically healthier.


Avoid the use of alcohol, sedatives and antihistamines which cause a "loggy," drugged feeling. Eat less protein and fat in favor of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you're getting plenty of Vitamins B6 and C.


Investigate some form of guided meditation, for instance disciplines involving patterned breathing. Learning an active mechanism for the control of anxiety and panic attacks will significantly decrease subsequent episodes of depression.


Don't isolate yourself. Ruminative thinking gets worse when you are alone.

Spend time with family and friends and develop a support system. Everyone needs a friend or counselor with whom they can share both their joys and their sorrows.

In a depressive state, avoid making major, life-altering decisions. If you are tempted to do so, discuss the idea with a trusted friend or perhaps your minister. Force yourself to allow time to "sleep on" the idea.


Many women report that developing some aspect of spiritualism helps them to feel more grounded and able to weather the ups and downs of life. For some this may take the form of prayer, for others a regimen of yoga. Do what feels right for you, even combining disciplines if that gives you maximum benefit.


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