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All about Angels



Zeinab was walking home from the mosque thinking. The teacher had told them about believing in angels. She wanted to know more; in fact she wanted to know everything there was to know about angels!

As she opened the gate she saw her mother in the garden with her little brother Tawfiq. She rushed over to give them both a big hug. Tawfiq squealed with excitement before toddling off to find his new toy to show his big sister.

Zeinab missed them when she was away all day. Every day she would teach Tawfiq everything she had learnt at the mosque school. He wasn"t really old enough to understand but Zeinab wanted him to be a good Muslim so that Allah would be happy with him and would give extra rewards to their mum and dad.


She always prayed to Allah that they would be together in Jannah. Before she could teach Tawfiq today, she had to find out more herself:

"Mum, what are angels?"

"Angels are created by Allah to serve Him just like us", her mother told her.

"So, they"re just the same as us?" Zeinab asked.

"Well, no, they"re quite different. Allah made them from light, He made people from sand. And they can"t choose to do things like we can. They can only do what Allah tells them to do. They can"t disobey Him", her mother explained.


"What kind of things does Allah tell them to do?"


"Oh, lots of different things, different angels do different jobs. There are always two angels at your shoulders writing down everything you do. The one on the right writes all the good things you do and the one on the left writes the bad things." Zeinab"s mother told her.


"Do they know everything we do?!" asked Zeinab astonished.


"Everything!" her mother replied, "and on the Day of Judgement the books in which they wrote will be given to you and you will read everything that you did. That"s why we should think about each little thing that we do, whether it will make Allah happy with us or not. And there are other angels who take care of you wherever you go ."


"Do the angels have names?" asked Zeinab.

"Yes, we know the names of some of them, like Jibril who came to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) with the Quran and to other prophets too. Ridwan is the chief angel in charge of Janna and Malik is in charge of the Fire."

"May Allah protect us from the fire." said Zeinab. The teacher had taught them always to say this when they hear about Hell Fire. "How many angels are there?" she went on.


"Only Allah knows how many, but there must be lots because there are thousands of angels whose only job is to worship Allah!" said Zeinab"s mother.


"Subhanallah!" said Zeinab in amazement as she rushed off to find Tawfiq. She had so much to tell him. She prayed that the angel on the right would write it down for her.


Let us know what you think. And try to do good things so that the angels on your right shoulder would write it down for you. Insha"Allah we will try to give u a story about prophets very soon Insha"Allah. Until next time...we leave you Fe Amman Allah (in the protection of Allah).

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