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Imam Husain eHawza- Australia

imam husain ehawza

Welcome to Imam Husain eHawza – your very own English School of Islamic Theology at your fingertips.


Here you have access to more than 500 academic lectures in English on various Islamic topics coupled with more than 5000 pages of information.


Islamic learning has predominantly been accessible in the Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu languages in countries most of us cannot visit. All this information in the form of academic levels in the English language is definitely a rare find. We have designed and created the first intense Islamic Theology Diploma in the more universal and scientific language of our age: English.


With eHawza you do not need to worry about issues such as travel and matching your timetables to your work hours.

 You don`t need to worry about missing an important point during a lecture. You can always replay the lectures and listen to them as many times as you wish. Thus, the lecturers and the study material are always available for your convenience in your own time and place.


Alhamdulillah, with the blessings of the Almighty and the unlimited effort of all brothers and sisters involved, eHawza is finally available to all.


eHawza is designed to cater for beginners to Islamic Theology as there is no requirement for prerequisite courses to enrol. We take you on a step by step journey from the basic fundamentals of Islam to an in-depth world of Islamic wonder.


Although this Diploma is designed for people with no knowledge about Islam, it will benefit people of all levels of understanding.

However, should you find any course too basic, you may apply for accreditation and move on to the next level. (Accreditation requires a pass mark -55%- for every examination).


eHawza recommends that you take the courses in sequence to obtain maximum benefit as the Diploma is designed in such a way that each level is built upon the previous levels.



Almost all our lectures in the Diploma course are delivered by Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei who is the Religious Director of the Imam Husain Islamic Centre located in Sydney Australia since its establishment in 1997 and is the founder of eHawza.

dr sheikh mansour leghaei

Dr Leghaei was born in 1962 in Abadan , Iran . His main teachers in the advance studies (Bahs Kharej) in the Islamic Seminary of Qom include:

The Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarim Shirazi who was his main teacher in ‘Principles of Jurisprudence` for five years.

The Late Grand Ayatollah Jawad Tabrizi who was his main teacher in ‘Jurisprudence` for five years.

The Grand Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani under whom he studied ‘the Principles of Jurisprudence` for one year.

• His main teacher in the sciences of Hadith and Rejaal was the Grand Ayatollah Musa Shobairy Zanjani.

• Ayatollah Hasan Hasan Zadeh Aamoli under whom he studied Sharhel-Esharaat.

Ayatollah Jawadi Aamoli under whom he studied two volumes of al-Asfar (the most advanced text in transcendental philosophy).

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and Sh. Muhammad Bahjat under whom he studied the book of al-Borhan of al-Shifa written by Avicenna.

The Late Ayatollah Bahrol-Oloom Mirdamadi under whom he studied Sharhe Manazelu-Sa`erin in practical mysticism.


Dr Leghaei was posted to Australia in February 1994. Since then, with English being his third language, he has achieved success in delivering academic lectures and courses to reach the English speaking generations of Australians. Dr Leghaei has publications on various topics and his works are available in Farsi, Arabic and English.

dr sheikh mansour leghaei

Some of the works of Dr. Leghaei are available on our website.


eHawza Set-up

• Imam Husain eHawza is based at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre in Sydney Australia and is accessible personally, via telephone, email and written correspondence.

• All course materials are copyright originals issued only by the Imam Husain Islamic Centre eHawza. However, quoting any parts of this package with reference to Imam Husain eHawza is permissible.

• Our Courses have a simple and easy to follow set-up.

• Once applications are processed, eHawza will provide students with all material required for their Diploma.

• eHawza is accessible in two formats:

1) A hard disk drive that can easily be plugged into your computer and played.

2) Online via internet. (will be available in the near future)


• Diploma package includes a log in and password (for online students) or a hard disk drive including all the audio and video lectures and written materials. You will also be receiving two Arabic books:

1) al-Qaedah al-Nooraniyya for teaching the recitation of the Quran for beginners (first semester).

2) Mabadeul-Arabiya vol. 2, which will be your text book for learning Arabic grammar in the third and the fourth semesters.

• You can enrol for eHawza either to improve your Islamic knowledge without any examination and certification or with examination and certification.

• Students who wish to obtain their certificates are expected to contact us on completion of every course to sit for examinations.

• The Diploma is offered in four semesters. Full time students are expected to graduate in two years, while part time students can take four years to reach completion of the their Diploma. It is important to follow the time structure provided to enable completion in due time.


How to apply?

It`s very easy. Just fill out the Admission Application and Community Service form. Once your application is processed we will inform you about the methods of payment and when you will be receiving your Diploma package.


Fees & Payments

A full packaged Diploma with certification is available for AU$2300.00.

A full packaged Diploma without certification is available for AU$1800.00.

The above are available with a 10 month payment plan through direct debit.

Full payment upon lodging application will enable an immediate AU$300.00 discount!


Community Service

eHawza along with theoretical knowledge, values practical experience. To meet this objective eHawza requests certain hours of volunteer community service for the completion of every semester. These hours are required for completion and obtaining your Diploma.

Nomination of your preferred Islamic organisation can be made by filling out the Community Service form.



Upon completion of every course you are required to complete an online examination which can be done on your computer and at your convenience.

You are required to register with eHawza online and you will be provided with a login and password to complete your exam and submit it to eHawza.



This package would not be available without the blessing of the Almighty Allah and the utmost efforts of a group of dedicated brothers and sisters at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre. Apart from His Eminence Sheikh Mansour Leghaei who is the key figure at eHawza, we are bound to thank all the brothers and sisters who directly or indirectly supported the project, especially:


• The Reciter of the al-Qawaedul-Nooraniyya: Brother Musa al-Faqir

• Administration and editing: Sisters Feruzan Behbahany, Noura Ridha, Suraya Baldachhino and Farah Rizvi

• Audio-Visual: Sisters Marzia Tabatabaei, Fatima Redha, Maryam Khaki, Hanade Chour and Haj Muhammad Naqi Khaki

• Technical Support: Brothers: Hamid Attarzadeh and Muhammad Reza Laghaei

• Graphical Designer: Haj Muhammad Naqi Khaki

• Webmaster: Haji Samah Eid

This is the first version of the Imam Husain Islamic Centre eHawza – English School of Islamic Theology and we anticipate improving it in time with your valuable input.

Students who have enrolled for eHawza will be posted upgrades versions of the Diploma free of charge.

We hope you enjoy your eHawza package and may the blessings of the Almighty be upon you for your efforts in gaining knowledge.

Please recite Surah al-Fatiha and dedicate its rewards to the souls of those believing men and women who passed away particularly:

- Marhoom Imam Khomeini, Marhoom Ayatollah Bahrol-Oloom Mirdamadi, Marhoom Sheikh Zadeh (the first teacher of Sh. Mansour in the Islamic seminaries), Marhoom Ayatollah Jawad Tabrizi, and Marhoom Ayatollah Zainul-Abdedin Tabatabei Abarqooei.

- Marhoom Mohammad Taqi Leghaei and Marhooma Gohar Leghaei, Marhoom Abdul-Rasool Arshadi, (the grandparents of Sh. Mansour)

- Marhoom Muhammad and Mariam Aly. Marhoom Abdul Husayn Muhammad Wali and Marhooma Narjis Khatoon.


For Technical, Administrative and Course Information, Questions & Comments contact: ehawza@ihic.org.au

For lecture information and content, questions and comments contact: sheikh@ihic.org.au

Click here for full detailed list

Some of Dr. Leghaei works:

Prophet Muhammad: A Divine Mercy for the Worlds: Lecture 1

Ancient Prophets: The True Story of Jesus-Part 1

Islamic Theology: Full Power (Tafwidh) and Determinism (Jabr), Chap: 6 A

Reasons for Imam Hussein(as)’s Revolution


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