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Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari:

( Narguess’s Illness )

 name of hazrat mahdi ( s.a )

This article is divided into three parts, giving details about the wonderful marriage ceremony of Hazrat Narguess with Imam Hassan Asqari:

part1: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( The strange fall of the Crosses )

part2: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( The marriage proposal )

part3: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( Narguess’s Illness )

Narguess’s Illness…

The next morning, princess Narguess woke up most strangely and while she was re-entering the real world around her, she also remembered clearly her vivid dream, which appeared to have been a vision…

When she understood the real reason of those unfortunate events, she decided to keep her true vision for herself, and hide it from everyone else; even from her dearest grandfather!

Maybe they would kill her, if they came to know about her clandestine marriage with the descendant of the venerable Prophet of Islam in a vivid dream!

After a few days had passed, Narguess was thinking incessantly about her husband, Imam Hassan… She had not said anything about her secret vision to anybody!  But she longed to meet  her sweet husband again… And her waiting made her impatient and the longtime absence of Imam Hassan made her sad and ill; because she didn’t eat or drink anything. The illness of Narguess made her family worried specially her grandfather who loved her dearly.  The Emperor invited the best doctors of his country to come to the Palace, to cure princess Narguess; but none of them could guess the real reason of her illness; so their medicine did nothing to help the young woman



 A request from the Emperor

When all of the medicines didn’t cure Narguess, the emperor thought that the death of her granddaughter is imminent, so he went to see her and said most sadly: ”My lovely daughter,  is there anything that you wish for…? Anything I may do for you…? “

Narguess was just waiting for this meeting from a long time so she said: ”Oh, grandfather… It seems that the doors of tranquility and comfort are forever closed for me… I don’t like to be rude… but I believe that if you stop torturing the muslim prisoners in your dungeons and take pity on them and free them to return to their homelands, I  strongly hope that Jesus and her Holy Mother will cure me, no doubt…”

The roman emperor gratified quickly and without any hesitation, the request of Narguess and ordered his soldiers to behave kindly with muslim prisoners. When Narguess found out that her grandfather had complied completely to her request, she then started to eat and drink in order to make her grandfather happy. 

After a few days, she seemed better and when the emperor came to visit her and saw her physical improvement, he reinforced his command to his soldiers, so that they continue to have a better behavior with the Muslims more than ever.

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