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How should we behave in Time of Prosperity?


Two dervishes of Khorasan who had entered into strict intimacy, traveled together: one who was infirm would fast for two days, and the other who was robust used to eat three times a day. It happened that they were seized at the gate of a city on suspicion of being spies, were both confined in the same room, and the door closed up with mud. After a fortnight it was discovered that they were innocent. On opening the door, they found the strong man dead, and the infirm one alive. They were astonished at the circumstance, but a philosopher said, that the contrary would have been more wonderful, for the one who was great eater, was not able to support abstinence; and the other who weak, having his body in subjection, and being used to fasting, had happily escaped.

A person who had accustomed himself to eat sparingly,

When difficulty occurs, bears it easily;

But if in time of prosperity he has been used to pamper himself,

When he meets with distress he sinks under it.

Gulisten saadi

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