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 Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari(part2)

( The marriage proposal )

name of hazrat mahdi ( s.a )

This article is divided into three parts, giving details about the wonderful marriage ceremony of Hazrat Narguess with Imam Hassan Asqari:

part1: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( The strange fall of the Crosses )

part2: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( The marriage proposal )

part3: Marriage Ceremony of Hazrat  Narguess and Imam  Hassan Asqari ( Narguess’s Illness )

 Another effort…

The Roman emperor was astounded by that strange event, so he ordered to his servants:” Rise up the litter and place the Crosses on their places around the litter once again! Then bring on the brother of this unfortunate young man, to become the new groom! Maybe this time, he would be lucky in contrast of his ill-fated brother…! “

The servants and the courtiers did exactly what the emperor had ordered them. After a while, the new groom came on with a stunned face, and he stood obediently on the litter and got ready for the new ceremony; but when the group of the archbishops came to their places to begin once again the ceremony, the same incident repeated just like before!

The emperor did not know what to do or think; at last, he gave up his will to marry his grandchildren and he cancelled the ceremony with sadness and frustration… The guests went back silently to their homes, not knowing what to think...

nature and horse

At the end of that day, everyone was wondering most astonishingly about the strange events of that day. The young princess Narguess was thinking just like the others…

The venerable Prophet of Islam in Rome…                            

On the very night of that strange day, princess Narguess after sleeping once more in her bed, saw in a vivid dream Jesus son of Mary while Sham’un was accompanying Jesus. There, stood also some of the disciples of Jesus [ pbuh]. All of them were standing most strangely at the same place the archbishops and the clergymen had stood on that very day…

Then she saw the venerable Prophet of Islam [ pbuh ] in her dream and the commander of believers Ali Ibn Abi Taleb[ pbuh ] who was accompanying him.

 There were also a number of his descendants beside him. There was also a handsome young man … They came to the Palace where princess Narguess was living in, and Jesus son of Mary stood respectfully before the Prophet of Islam to say his greetings with utmost respect.


 The marriage proposal…

hazrate mahdi

The venerable Prophet showed the young man beside him, and told Jesus son of Mary:” O,  Spirit of God [ O, Rouhollah ]!  I came here to ask for the hand of princess Narguess, the descendant of your successor, Sha’mun, for my beloved son : Abu Mohammad…! ”

When Jesus heard the gracious words of the venerable Prophet, he turned to Sha’mun and while looking happily at him, he said: O Sha’mun! Verily, dignity and honor have come to you!  You have been honored to give the hand of your daughter to the illustrious offspring of Hazrate Mahdie Mohammad’s descendant…! “

Sha’mun in his turn bowed his head in deference and replied delightedly:”Oh, my lord! What an honor! What a joy!  I agree with gladness and happiness in my heart! ”

”When Sha’mun declared his acceptance to the venerable Prophet, the venerable Messenger of God descended from his pulpit where he was seated, and recited the wedding vows between his son : Imam Hassan Asqari [ pbuh ] and princess Narguess; while the holy Imams and Jesus and the Apostles were witnessing most joyously and gravely the ceremony of marriage of that beautiful bride and that handsome groom!

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