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Marriege Ceremony of Hazrat Narguess and Imam Hassan Asqari (part1)

 ( The strange fall of the Crosses )

jamkarns moaque

This article is divided into three parts, giving details about the wonderfull marriege ceremony of Hazrat Narguess with Imam Hassan Asqari:

part 1: Marriege Ceremony of Hazrat Narguess and Imam Hassan Asqari ( The strange fall of the Crosses )

part 2: Marriege Ceremony of Hazrat Narguess and Imam Hassan Asqari ( Marriege Proposal )

part3: Marriege Ceremony of Hazrat Narguess and Imam Hassan Asqari  ( Narguess’s Illness )

The decision of the emperor of Rome for the wedding of his two grand children is the beginning of this story; but on the other hand, the wedding never happened on that day! This is the beginning of the relationship of Narguess with the holy family of Imamat.

The pain of Narguess for the absence of Imam Hasan Asqari [ pbuh ] and her request from the emperor of Rome is another point of this beautiful story. Then we shall narrate about the secret conversion of Narguess to Islam, created an opportune occasion for her to see her future husband, who was none other than Imam Hassan Asqari. Then comes the Imam’s help and assistance to the princess Narguess to travel to Iraq, and this is the final section of this article.

 The wedding party

Narguess was the daughter of Yeshoua, the son of the César of Rom, and from her mother she had a relationship with “ Shamun A’saffa” the successor of Jesus the son of Mary [ pbhh ].

When Narguess was thirteen years old, her grandfather who was the Roman emperor decided to give the hand of her granddaughter to one of his grandsons, who was also Narguess’s cousin.

So the Roman emperor invited many important people from his nation for the wedding ceremony; their number was more than three hundred priests and clergymen; also some illustrious men from the descendants of the twelve Apostles of Jesus son of Mary; and nine hundred men and women from the aristocratic families and finally his military high ranking commanders.


The strange fall of the Crosses

The servants of the Palace took a precious litter, which was adorned with innumerable beautiful gems before the emperor of Rome. They installed many Crosses around the precious litter for the marriage ceremony; soon after the future groom came on and stood on the litter, the archbishops and the bishops stood up from their seats, to show him their utter respect.

Everything was ready for the ceremony to get started according to the court etiquette.  By the emperor’s order, the archbishops opened their Bibles to recite the wedding vows; but suddenly, the Crosses around the litter fell down unexpectedly on the ground…! The pedestals of the litter began to tremble and moved from their places, so that the frightened groom fell down on the ground in front of the astonished people…!

When the archbishops saw that strange incident, they got deeply frightened and stunned : because the fall of the Crosses, just at the beginning of the wedding ceremony was a terrible, sinister event for all the Christians…

The archbishops came beside the Roman emperor and said most respectfully:” O, great Emperor…!  We beseech you!  Let us not perform this doomed marriage ceremony! Maybe this unfortunate wedding would demolish the Christian Government, the Church of Christ, and its submitted societies in the near future…! ”

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