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Kish Island

kish island

Kish Island is a resort island lapped by the sheltered waters of coral-edged lagoons, home for too many of the world"s spices of reef fish. Snorkeling in the Kish Island is amongst the best in the world, while scuba diving offers an even more spectacular insight of life beneath the waters.

Kish lies like a pearl across the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and is a heaven of Peace and tranquility fringed by sandy beaches and coral reefs vivid with colorful fish.

A variety of other water sports are also available. Jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, parasailing, Reef walking, coral viewing, boating and water skiing are just a few popular ways to Spend the time and enjoy yourself during your visit to the Island.

Kish Island has a calm and beautiful coast. Kish soil is made of coral with a silvery Color dazzlingly shining under the sunlight. The sea water in Kish Island is bright And clear in a way that the bottom of the sea can be easily seen from a very far Distance.

sea side in kish

Kish coast is one of the least dangerous coasts in the world.

These are just few reasons that have turned Kish Island into a popular holiday Destination in the region. All together, Kish Island offers a stunning variety of cultures, Scenery, sports, duty-free shopping and entertainment.

dolphin show in kish

Hotels provide every comfort, shops offer an enormous variety of goods and superb food is served in establishments ranging from country inn to elegant restaurants.

Kish"s top hotels cater the best, offering a perfect combination of business and leisure facilities. It is not surprising that Kish Island attracts visitors from all over Middle East, and increasingly nowadays, from other countries around the world.

daryoush hotel

The Sunshine Island has a climate that allows visitors to enjoy its attractions to the full and Kish really does have something for everyone, no matter what they may seek from a holiday.

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