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Suffer not Grief

mahmoud pakniyat

Back to Kanan, lost Joseph cometh: ………..                       Suffer not grief.

One day, the sorrowful cell becometh the rose – garden:  Suffer not grief.


O grief- stricken heart! Better, becometh thy state; display not the ill- heart.

Back to reason, cometh this distraught head: ……..            Suffer not grief.


If on thee sward's throne. Again be the spring of life,

O bird, night- singing! over thy head.  Thou mayst draw the canopy of the rose: .....       

                                                                                           Suffer not grief.


Ho! Since thou art not acquainted with the hidden mystery, be not hopeless:

Within the screen, are hidden pastimes; ………..                 Suffer not grief.


If, for a space of two days, to our desire, the sphere's revolutions turned not,

Ever, in one way, the state of revolution is not: ………        Suffer not grief.

mostafa zamani

If, from desire (of pilgrimage) to the Kaaba thou wilt plant thy foot in the desert,

(Then) if the (mighty) Arabian thorn makes reproofs, …..      Suffer not grief.


O heart! If the foundation of thy existence, the torrent of passing away (mortality) pluck up,

Since Noah is thy boat-master, of the deluge, ……….          Suffer not grief.


Although the stage (of this world) is very fearsome; and purpose hidden,

There id not a road, whereof is no end; ………                   Suffer not grief.


In separation from the Beloved and vexing (on the part) of the watcher, our state (of perturbation and confusion):

All, God, our state causing, knoweth; ……                         Suffer not grief.


In the corner of poverty and in the solitude of dark nights, Hafiz,

So long as thine are the practice of praying and the reading of the Quran (wherein is salvation of the next world) ………

mostafa zamani and mahmoud pakniyat


Divan Hafiz

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