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Natural Attractions of Mahallat

flower garden in mahalat

Deep within the arid areas of west-central Iran is the beautiful city of Mahallat located amid mountains and enjoying a pleasant weather. It shines like a piece of paradise in view of the numerous springs and the existence of ever-green and natural sceneries.

Foreign tourists also visit Mahallat because of its flowers, orchards and gardens.

 A sprawling green park known as Sarcheshmeh in the northern part of Mahallat provides a beautiful image to the whole city. The existence of a spring of sweet water adds to the spectacular beauty of this park.

sarcheshmeh in mahalat

Everywhere in Mahallat are greenhouses displaying a variety of beautiful flowers that amaze the eyes of visitors. Some of the greenhouses are specifically allocated to the cultivation of only one type of flower. Every year in September Mahallat holds a grand flower exhibition that attracts people from throughout Iran and abroad.

Some five million flowers are produced in Mahallat annually and exported to the domestic and foreign markets.

 According to local officials, the city earns $17 million through export of flowers, and produces one-fourth of Iran’s decorative plants and flowers.

flowers exibition in mahallat

Fifteen km north east of Mahallat in the foothills of the mountains are hot water springs known to have unique healing effects for a number of ailments.

According to experts, Mahallat’s hot water springs possess exclusive features and are in conformity with a human being’s body in terms of having elements like phosphor, radon gas and other minerals.

People from all over Iran visit these springs. Plans are underway to establish a water-therapy clinic, and recreation grounds near the hot water springs.

hot water springs in mahalat

The Chal Nakhjir Cave

Among the other attractions of Iran’s Central Province is a vast and beautiful natural cave located some 8 km north of the city of Delijan and south of the town of Naraq, in a region known as "Chal Nakhjir". It is considered one of the rare geological phenomena. It was discovered in 1987 by a group of mountain climbers. The main entrance of the cave has a height ranging from 10-to-40 meters. The Chal Nakhjir Cave branches into several subterranean passages, of which some 4 km have been explored so far. The passages are believed to be 8-to-10 km long.

the chal nakhjir cave

The cave has beautiful crystallized and icicles, in addition to stalactites and stalagmites, which are unique in the world.

Over the long geological era, wind and waters have created wonderful corridors and pools inside the cave. Geologists have discovered stones shaped like eagle, deer and pigeon, which means the cave was inhabited by primitive people in ancient times. On the other side of the cave, amidst towering cliffs is a lake spread over 3,000 square km. Another amazing feature of this cave is its natural ventilation system.

The weather inside the cave is cool in summer and warm in winter and visitors can avail of plenty of oxygen while inside.

the chal nakhjav cave


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