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Teacher's Appreciation Day

happy teachers day

How are you going to celebrate teacher s appreciation day this year?

This date should be penciled into your diary so that you can prepare for it in advance. This day is very important because you can show your teachers how much you have appreciated them over your academic year.

People can show this gratitude in many different ways but popular things to do are buying a meaningful present or even a card signed by everyone in the class.

A new idea is to present awards to teachers who have been inspirational to their students. It is so easy to appreciate your teacher and now, teacher's  appreciation day, is the time to show it.

It is a time to unite the student body and make everyone work together. Team spirit is particularly emphasized throughout the week as everyone is working together for the same cause which is appreciating their teacher in the best way they can. This could be by making a student gift for the teacher or collecting votes for teacher awards.

On this special day, students can learn the fundamentals about becoming a teacher and learn why it has become such a popular international profession.
a glass of pens and pencils
 It is also a time to learn about new cultures and how their teaching styles differ from other countries around the world. A fun event to do for teacher appreciation would be to research a particular culture and teach in the way they would in their country. There could be other events such as sport and music and it would be interesting to see if there are any similarities between their country and that of your own.

This is a meaningful day for everyone which is why teacher's appreciation is so important and memorable.


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