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  • 4/26/2009

Terrorists will Receive IRI strong reaction

ali larijani

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday recent terrorist attacks in which a number of Iranian pilgrims martyred and injured, have rent the Iranian nation"s heart.

Addressing the open session of Majlis on Sunday, Larijani expressed Majli"s condolences to the families of martyrs of the recent terrorist attacks.

He said the terrorists would receive the Islamic Republic of Iran"s strong reaction, adding they should know that they have entered a dangerous domain.

Larijani stated that America"s trace were seen in the attacks in Iraq and some terrorist acts in eastern and western Iran which are nothing but proved Washington"s weakness after its successive failures in the region.

The top MP further said America knows well that retaliation is not difficult for Iran, but IRI will react based on its magnanimity.

Larijani added the Iraqi national government is expected to punish terrorists and identify hands behind the attacks.

He also called on Majli"s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission to seriously follow up the issue.

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