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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (3)


1 - If you want to embark on a new enterprise, take your time until God shows you the way.

2 - When you decide to do something, think of the result. If the result is good proceed to perform it; otherwise, forget about it.

3 - Whenever you want to mention others’ defects, remind yourself of your own defects.

4 - When one of you employs somebody, the employee must be informed of his wage.

5 - If God bestows something on you, start spending it on yourself and your relatives.

6 - When one of you becomes a prayer leader, he should cut the prayer ceremony short, for there are very young, very old, sick and weak people among the prayers. However, in solitary prayer, he can prolong the ceremony as he wishes.

7 - When death befalls on a seeker after knowledge, he dies as a martyr.

8 - If a person who tinges his hair asks for a woman hand he should inform her of this and should not hide his age.

9 - When a person enters as a guest, his provision is accompanying him, and when he leaves, his hosts’ sin will be pardoned by God.

10 - You are a believer if your good deeds make you happy and your bad deeds make you unhappy.

11 - When you do something, you should do it to the best of your ability.

12 - Keep silent when a fit of anger befalls on you.

god and mohammad

13 - When a wife tells her husband ‘you have not done me any good ‘, all her good deeds will become null and void.

14 - If a man fails to act properly, God Will afflicts him with sorrow.

15 - When a man dies, people say: "what has he left behind?", and angels ask: "what has he brought with himself?"

16- When you are present in a gathering where people speak ill of an absent person, assist that person by prohibiting the group from backbiting and leave the gathering.

17 - Engage in archery and horsemanship. I like your archery more than your horsemanship. It would be futile for a man to be occupied in anything except shooting by his bow and arrow, or horse-training or making love to his wife. All those activities are legitimate. That who learns archery but later forgets it, doses not do justice to what he has learnt.

18- The wisest person is the one who shows more tolerance to people.


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