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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (2)

prophet muhammad

1 - To God, the best acts are to feed the poor, to repay their debts or, to rid them of a trouble.

2- To God, the best act is to mind one’s tongue.

3 - To God, the best Jihad (holy struggle) is a rightful statement addressed to tyrannical rulers.

4 - To God, the best food is the one enjoyed by very many people.

5 - To God, the best sports are horsemanship and archery.

6 - God likes those servants of His, who are lenient when buying, selling, paying and receiving.


7- One who is more beneficial to others is loved by God.

8 - Throw dust to the face of flatterers.

9 - The most prudent is the one more capable of restraining his rage.

10 - Evaluate people on the basis of your evaluation of their companions, for ‘‘Birds of a feather flock together”.

11- The anxiety that my Ummat would be affected by great ambitions disturbs me more than anything else.

12 - Call up God and be sure that your solemn request shall be fulfilled, and be aware that God will not grant a prayer coming from a negligent heart.

prophet muhammad

13 - From among people of the Hell the one will the easiest punishment has two fire shoes causing his brain to boil.

14- The easiest tension of death is equal to one hundred stroke of sword.

15 - If you happen to pass judgment on Muslims, you should refrain from judging when affected by a fit of anger, and from adopting a discriminatory attitude against or in favour of one of the parties to the dispute in your looking at them, the seats you allow them to sit, and your gestures and hints.

16 - When a man of good character and with satisfactory religious beliefs asks for your daughter’s hand, let him marry her; otherwise, trouble and corruption will spread on the earth.

17 - If God loves one of His servants, He prohibits him from loving this world, as you prohibit your patients from drinking water.

18 - When God wants a man to succeed, He makes him knowledgeable in religion and indifferent to worldly affairs; and reveals to him his defects.

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