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The Miraculous Acts of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(A.S.)

imam sadiq(as)

Why does the science refuse the things which occur not according to the natural laws? Is it not the Creator of the usual laws and the Creator of the unusual laws one? And He Who is able to create the things through their usual causes is able to create them through the causes which are above the level of our ability and knowledge.


These proofs and miracles are also necessary to the trustees of authority (awsiya') of the prophets to fulfill the purpose for which the prophets summoned people. Allah sent the prophets to make people know Him and then to serve Him. Also the trustees of authority were nominated to fulfill the same task. Therefore, the Imam should bring the miracle to prove his Imamate.

As Allah, the Exalted, nominated Imam Jafar al- Sadiq, peace be on him, to carry out the law which the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family, brought, then if was incumbent on Allah to grant him the miracle when necessary as He granted it to the Prophet. This is the viewpoint of the Imamis concerning the Imamate of al- Sadiq.


As for the Sunni viewpoint concerning him, they think that he belongs to the pure family of the prophet. and that he has all outstanding merits.


The author of the book 'Madinat al- Ma'ajiz' has mentioned over three hundred miraculous and laudable acts on al- Sadiq. We will mention some of his miracles from the valuable books on which the two parties (the Sunnis and

the Shi'a) have agreed. They are as follows:


Imam Sadiq's Accepted Supplications:

In his book 'Is'afal- Raghibin', al- Sabban says: "His supplications were accepted. When al- Sadiq asked Allah for some thing, it would be between his hands before he had finished his supplication."


In his book 'Lawaqih al- Anwar, al- Sha'arany says: "When al- Sadiq, peace be on him, was in need of a thing, he said: 'Lord, I am in need of so- and- so.' The thing was put beside him before he had finished his supplication."


Many authors have mention that al- Mansur sent for al- Sadiq several times. However, al- Sadiq invoked Allah against him. So, al- Mansur changed his mind and stood up to receive him.(282)


One day, a woman came to al- Sadiq and said: "May I be your ransom, my father and mother and the members of my house support you." Al-Sadiq said: "You are truthful. What do you want?" The woman said: "May I be your ransom, son of Allah's Apostle (may Allah bless him and his family), I have leprosy in my upper arm. Invoke Allah to heal me."

imam sadiq(as)


Al-Sadiq, peace be on him, said: "Allah, You heal the blind and the leprous and bring life to the decayed bones. Forgive her and heal her to see the effect of the acceptance of my supplication." The woman said: "By Allah, I stood up and I had nothing of leprosy."(285)


Hammad b. 'Isa(286) asked al- Sadiq to implore Allah to give him what helps him to perform the hajj many times and to give him good, productive lands, a good house, a wife from the good families, and obedient children. He wanted to perform the hajj for fifty times. Al- Sadiq implored Allah to fulfill Hammad's needs. So, Allah gave him all his needs. Hammad performed the hajj for fifty times. Then he wanted to perform the hajj for fifty- one times. When he arrived at al- Jihfa valley, the flood took him a way. Then his servants brought him out of the water. He was dead.


Imam Sadiq's Prediction on the Events:

Al- Sadiq, peace be on him, predicted many events. They occurred as he predicted after a time. For example, he predicted the end of the authority of the Abbasids:


Abu Muslim al- Khurasani came to al- Sadiq and tired to convince him to take the reins of power. He told him that there were many people ready to support him. Al- Sadiq, peace be on him, said to him: "What you are talking about shall not be ours.


The children of al- Abbas shall play with authority." So, Abu Muslim went to Abd Allah b. al- Hasan and asked him to take the reins of authority. Abd Allah gathered the members of his family and took care of the matter. He summoned Abu Abd Allah (al- Sadiq), peace be on him, to ask his advice. So, al- Sadiq came and sat between al- Saffah and al- Mansur. When they asked the advice of al- Sadiq, he patted al- Saffah's shoulder and said: "No, by Allah, this shall be the first to take the reins of authority." Then, he patted al- Mansur's shoulder and said: "The children of this shall play with authority." Then, he stood up and left their meeting.(287)

imam sadiq(as)

One day Abd Allah b. al- Hasan summoned al- Sadiq to nominate his son Mohammed to the Caliphate. Al- Sadiq said to Abd Allah: "By Allah, this matter (the caliphate) is not for you nor for your children. The caliphate is for this (i.e. al- Saffah), then for this (i.e. al- Mansur), and then for his children. When al- Sadiq went out, Abu Ja'far (al- Mansur) followed him and said to him: "Abu Abd Allah, do you know what you have said?" Al-Sadiq, peace be on him, said: "Yes, by Allah, I know it (the caliphate) and it shall occur."(288)


Also al- Sadiq predicted the killing of Mohammed and Ibrahim, the two sons of al- Hasan, on many occasions. One day, he said: "Marwan shall be the end of the Omayyads, and Mohammed ibn al-Hasan shall be killed."(289)


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