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The Banner Holder of Neynava, Hazrate Abolfazl  al-Abbas

hazrat abas


The life story and Martyrdom of this great warrior


The birth of the Moon


“I salute my lord, the Lord of the believers. It seems that my lord has a request from me…” “Hail to my dear brother Aghil! “

The Lord of the believers went to his little and simple room while he was holding the right hand of his brother Aghil and with another hand was holding Aghil’s wand. [Hazrate] Ali guided his brother to sit on the little matters that was near the wall and in front of the Qiblah, and he himself sat on a very thin mattress. After his greeting to his brother, he continued to talk and said:” No one in the land of Hejaz, knows as much as you, about the Arab tribes, you know a lot of men, and women, old and young and even their children from previous generations to date; you know a lot of things about their characters and temperaments, so I would like to have a consultation with you about an important task…”  “I’m at your disposal, my lord.”

“I would like to marry a woman who shall bear me a son who will be a great warrior, and who would be equipped with courage and bravery! So introduce me to a woman who has courage and powerful, noble ancestors! Because my Hussein must have a valiant and brave brother beside him on that great, tragic day, where no one, apart from his dear companions, would be beside him….”

Aghil was looking at his brother from the corner of his eyes and without any hesitation, without blinking, he replied: “Fatima! Fatima Kalabiyeh, the daughter of Hozam Ibne Khaled Ibn Rabieh, is the right choice for you!

She is tall, handsome, and endowed with a high stamina; she is respectful, loyal, faithful, meek, gentle, decent, and she talks well! After our beloved lady Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her), she may be suitable for you.

 Her forefathers were great men and courageous horsemen and warriors; between the Arabian tribes I don’t know a braver, nobler family than hers! No doubt she will bear a lot of intrepid, brave sons for the greatest warrior and hero of the Islam who is none other than you. Lots of sons, that will protect the grandson of our Prophet (peace be upon him) from danger and peril until their last breath! “

Ali smiled and sadly offered some dates to his brother Aghil. While Aghil took one date, Ali told him kindly:” I don’t know a better man in this city to be my proxy than you… Especially for courting Fatima Kalabiyeh…”

Aghil felt himself very grateful for this extreme honor. He said: “I’m at your service my lord!”

Then by the help of his wand, he stood up and told:” In this most important and fortunate task, one shouldn’t be lazy…”

So he went from the Imam’s house, towards the house of the young lady that he was going to ask for her hand for his illustrious brother. He was already hurrying to achieve his fortunate mission…


        *   *   *   *  *

Around the house of  Imam Ali, there were masses of people, and everyone had a basket that was made from palms’ leaves. All of them were trying to find a better place on that crowded place to be nearer the house of Imam Ali than the others. Some poor, destitute children who wore simple clothes were trying to pass between the adults to have a better view. There were a lot of voices on that place, and there was a blind old man among the people who was trying to walk with the help of his cane, he said:” Please! Would somebody help me pass the street…?”

But no one noticed him; everybody was trying to persuade his or her companion, to run and find a better place.

“Run! Hurry! We should reach a better place to gain something.”

That blind old man continued his way with caution, and cried out said:

” Can anybody tell me what is happening today?! “

No one answered him, but suddenly a young man came, took his hand and helped him pass the street; when they stood beside of a wall, the old man said:” Ah, many thanks to you! I am much obliged for your kindness; please tell me what is happening around here?”

The young man without any hesitation told him:” Don’t you know?  Our Holy God has granted a son to Ali Ibn Abi Talib! And all of these people have come here to receive a slice of the meat from the immolated sheep, offered as charity to us, and also I too want it, so I have to go to Ali’s house. Goodbye then!”

Without any hesitation, the young man ran, but the old man cried out to him:” What is the name of his newborn son?”

And the young man, while he was running with his basket answered him:” Abbas! His name is Abbas!”

*   *   *   *   *


The lord of the spear and the sword

And now, it is more than an hour that the sun has come out from east, and is gazing at the battle field. The sun wants to see the victory and gallantry of the right side against the wrong side, just like previous days…

The air is still cool and a tender breeze is inviting the flags of the warriors to the dance of death. The long feathers of the eagles that were dancing on the helmets of the warriors, were keeping company with the flags all around the men…

More than a thousand soldiers stood on the right and left side of the battlefield. The numbers of the infantries were high, and the number of the cavalry was not lower than infantry. Skillful horsemen were seated on their powerful Arabian horses.

In front of the troop which was situated on the right side, there was standing the most famous warrior in the whole Arab peninsula; he was seated on a powerful horse and with his raised sword, he was guiding his troops.

Everybody knew him, even when he was so far away in the battlefield; he was Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him)! Everybody knew him from his yellow kerchief that he had fastened around his head for the battle to come; so everybody from the enemy camp was trying to avoid him. Around him were a lot of great warriors: some were his children and some were his brother’s children.

 In the heart of the left side troop, there was a great and aristocratic tent which was in red; in front of the tent were a banner and a great throne which was adorned by red pillows and a red bed sheet. Moaviyeh was reposing on his throne and while he was eating a red apple, he was gazing at the battle field.

                                                                       *    *    *     *      *

The most interesting part of the war was the beginning of it. The combat among the most powerful and experienced warriors of both groups.  

Silence was governing in the battlefield… There was no sound at all, just the neighing of some horses and the dancing of the flags all around the soldiers. There was a tender breeze, and the sun had come up higher, to watch for the events, from a better vantage point. Everybody wanted to know who was that famous warrior who would come to battlefield, first of all and from which side, would he be?

Suddenly from Ali’s troops, a horseman came up to the front; he had a powerful, graceful body; he also had a white kerchief on his face, so that no one could have recognized him. His horse was impatient, so it ran around the battlefield, wishing to attack! The mysterious horseman cried out loud:” Oh, Mu’awiyah! Send one of your best soldiers to fight with me!”

Nobody knew him and no one had seen him during the previous battles. His voice revealed his young age; he was very young and maybe inexperienced. So then why Ali had sent him in the battlefield to fight with those great, famous champions?!

He cried out once again, and repeated his wish to fight with somebody. But no one came to him; just wind and dust greeted him silently…

Mu’awiyah moved himself while he was eating an apple, and said to one his old and powerful guards:” Ibn Abi Alshasa! Why is it that no one is willing to fight with this young man?!” 

“Oh, my lord! It is a dreadful idea for anybody to fight with an unknown soldier!”

“And what about you? Is it frightening to fight with him? Even for somebody like you…?! Why don’t you go to the battlefield, yourself? Our prestige and position are in danger!”

Ibn Abi Alshaab, stood up, bowed before Mu’awiyah and said:” Oh, my lord! He is not important, nor famous enough for me to fight with him! He doesn’t even have an ounce of my reputation, meritorious experience or dignity! Why my Emir does wants to send me to fight with a young, unknown soldier, whereas the people of Cham believe that my power is equal to ten thousand armed men!?”

Mu’awiyah without moving himself opened his mouth and said to him seriously:” Unfortunately, there is no other choice… This young man is demolishing our reputation!”

Ibn Abi Alshaab answered him reassuringly and confidently:” I have seven sons; and I myself, have instructed them all the tactics of a good combat. All of them are courageous and famous warriors! Let me send one of them, to quickly end the life of this young soldier.”  “Very well then! Send one of your sons.”

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