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Israel lobbies for war on Iran



Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak urges Washington to consider "other alternatives" vis-a-vis Iran’s nuclear issue.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says he advocates a war on Iran, following the country’s successful test-runs at the Bushehr power plant.

Tehran edged closer towards the final launch of a light-water reactor in the southern port of Bushehr on Wednesday, after it staged pre-commission operations at the 1000-megawatt reactor.

Simulated fuel rods made of lead were reportedly used instead of virtual nuclear fuel in the pilot operation, which was launched in the presence of Iranian and Russian dignitaries -- including Russian nuclear agency chief Sergei Kiriyenko.

While the incident was hailed in Iran as a huge leap in the construction of the country’s first power reactor, the test-run immediately raised hackles in Israel.

In a direct reference to a possible military option, Barak urged Washington to consider "alternatives other than tougher sanctions' as a means to prevent a breakthrough in Iran’s uranium enrichment.


"We believe the continuation of the Iranian atomic project is a potential danger for the existence of the state of Israel. Our position is clear. Sanctions are necessary but Israel does not rule out any option and suggests other countries do the same," Barak said Wednesday, AFP reported.

Tel Aviv continues to accuse Tehran of making preparations for a nuclear weapons program, calling on the Islamic Republic to halt its uranium enrichment program. Iran, however, says its enrichment program is a peaceful drive to produce nuclear energy.

The UN nuclear watchdog recently affirmed that the Islamic Republic is far from "a breakout capacity" to produce a bomb, "we think they (Iranians) are not there," said an IAEA official.

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