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Marefat Nafs - Lesson 6:  Audio Lecture



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Divine theosophy / Hikma Primary Philosophy


vocab development:

Divine Theosophy (Hikmat)               حكمة .

means primary philosophy (Allameh Tabatabaie), Hikmat means theosophy.

Theosophy: any religious philosophy based on intuitive insight into the nature of God .


Hikmat Moteaaliya is transcendent theosophy                       حكمت متعا ليعه

Hikma / Hikmat is the wisdom which comes from within. Hikmat means knowing the truth of some thing.


Divine Hikmat:

Divine hikmat is the study of absolute  mojood (existent) from the aspect of being mojood.

Divine hikmat is presenting a general knowledge about beings / mojoodaat and distinguishing real being from unreal.


Self existence:

We existentially find ourselves and that we exist. No need to reason that we exist.

We are always after real things not unreal ones, and always escape from real things.

Is it possible to perceive a being which does not exist or perceive a non-being which does exist?


What is life or حيات

Does a stone have life?

Can we say life has levels of intensity?

Is plant more live or animal?

What distinguishes life from death?


Death & Life

What is death and life if the span is more than material universe?

How many type of death exists?


Is the existence real?

Is the outside world real or magination?

If what we sense is real how would you justify the mistakes the senses make?

If what senses perceive are real, how come when you are on a boat, you see the shore is moving?


Obviousness of wojood

Wojood is obvious (badihi) and there is no need to reason for the wojood

What is the definition of wojood

Find a meaning for Wojood

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