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Divine Leadership-Imam Reza (as) , Peak of Wisdom, Ultimate Love and Sincerity

imam reza

Abd al-Aziz ibn-Muslim narrates:

We were accompanying Imam Reza in Merv. Upon our entrance, we gathered in the grand mosque of the city. The people present were debating and discussing the different opinions on the topic of divine leadership-Imamate. I went to Imam Reza and reported the discussion about Imamate. Imam Reza smiled and said, “O! Abd al-Aziz, the people have misunderstood and have been deceived and have become negligent of their correct beliefs …”

The fact of the matter is that do people really know the value of the state of Imamate amongst the community, in order to be authorized to select him? Certainly, the position of an Imam is higher, his esteem is greater, his rank is higher, his place is more superior, and his depth is deeper than what people can bear to understand. Therefore, they are not authorized to select a divine Imam.

Imamate is a position that the Allah (SWT) granted to Abraham after he had passed the state of his prophetic mission and divine friendship (being Allah’s Khalil).

Allah (SWT) honored him, excelled his name by this virtue of Imamate and said, “I have appointed you an Imam for mankind…” So pleased of this virtue, Prophet Abraham asked, “And of my offspring (will they be Imams too)”? Allah (SWT) said, “My covenant does not include the unjust.” So this verse has permanently revoked the position of Imamate for oppressors and has devoted it only to the elite, those worthy of this position. Then, Allah (SWT) honored Prophet Abraham and made this position a chosen and pure position while He said: “And we granted him (Abraham) Is’haq and Yaqoub, and we made them all righteous men. And we made them Imams who guided (people) by our command”.

Imam is as an intimate friend, a kind father, an equal brother, a compassionate mother to her child, and the refuge of people in time of difficulties.

 Imam is the trustworthy of the Allah (SWT) amongst the people, His representative-Hujjat for His servants, His Caliph in His cities, a caller towards the Lord and a defender of His laws. Imam is purified of sins and faults.

Once Allah (SWT) chooses one to amend the affairs of His servants, He increases his patience, grants him wisdom, and gives him knowledge so that he would answer all questions and never deviate from truth. Therefore, he is purified and accredited and supported by Him. He is immune of any sin or fault. The Allah almighty has specified him with these virtues to become his representative amongst the people; this is His blessing that is given to anyone He wishes. Indeed His grant is enormous.

Do people really have such ability to choose such a person? Or is it possible that the person they select have the characteristics of a divinely chosen?


(A Summary of Osool al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 198-233)

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