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9 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Nutrition Habits


1Not having breakfast

It is a big mistake to ignore and not have breakfast. A healthy breakfast not only can provide sufficient energy to several body organs but it also contributes to choosing healthier materials for other daily meals.


2Eating before going to bed

Try to avoid eating before going to bed if you want to have nice dreams. Scientists revealed that eating spicy and fat full foods within one to three hours before sleep will lead to exhaustion and bored ness on the next day.



Anorexia or overeating usually accounts for fat full meals resulting in overweight. Try to extend your daily meals to five or more instead of having only three.


4Staying hungry

When you stay hungry for a long time, your body becomes exhausted for not having enough supplies. This will lead you to eat overwhelmingly and your body changes the calorie to fat automatically.


5Fast eating

Try to eat slowly because a high speed eating ends in overweight. It takes the brain 20 minutes since the beginning of eating to send the message of fullness to the body. So, if you finish eating in 5 or 6 minutes, your body will not have enough time to send the message and thus this will lead you to eating more and more.


6Taking not enough water

Water is a vital liquid substance for the whole creatures including human beings. It is interesting to say that taking insufficient amount of water daily can lead to overweight since it reduces body’s metabolism.


7Not having enough fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain many substances that are crucial for the human body. Minerals and vitamins needed for human body can only be supplied by fresh fruits and vegetables. So you should try to take as much fruits and vegetables as possible in your daily meals.


8Doing other things while eating

This bad habit will lead to a mess around you while eating. You’re completely distracted and thus may overeat if you talk on the phone, watch TV or play a video game when you’re eating.


9Taking sweets, candies and confectionery instead of food

Taking sweets, candies and confectionery at hunger will lead to unhealthy nutritious habits. Chocolates, chips and candies have no nutritious value while they block your hunger and you cannot eat essential substances. 

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