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Importance of Knowledge in Islam

Author: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

1) Is there any external world around us or is it all a dream?

2) If yes, how possible is it for us to know the world? (possibility of knowledge)

3) If yes, what are the sources of knowledge?

4) What are the tools of knowing?

5) What can reinforce the ground of knowledge in man,& what will prevent him/her from doing that?

    (predisposing factors & obstructive factors)


The above questions are the first primary questions budding in the minds of all seekers for Truth, dealing with which is the purpose of this crash course.


Regarding the first question, there are two schools in Philosophy: Idealism (Sophism), and Realism.


The easiest answer to Sophists is to tell them that when they are hungry or thirsty, they should not worry about their stomachs since it"s a mere dream. Or tell them not to care for the signals at a traffic light when they are crossing the road, for no real accident occurs in a dream. In fact, all Idealists are Realists in practice; otherwise, they are suffering from a mental disease.


The Holy Quran in many different Ayat proves this world as external reality and introduces it as the Sign of Allah (s.w.t).


No Boundary for Knowledge:

Providing the Importance of Knowledge with four noble Hadiths:

1. “ Striving for knowledge is compulsory for each & every muslim.” (no gender limit)


2. “ Strive for knowledge from cradle to the grave .”(no time limit)


3. “Strive for knowledge even in China .” (no space limit)


4. “ Wisdom is the lost property of a Muslim, hence collect it from whoever you find it with, even a hypocrite.”

      (no teacher limit )


Types of Seekers of Knowledge:

1.Ant: one who collects data without ever giving a unifying structure to them.


2. Spider: spins out ones ideas in solitude.


3. Bee: spins ideas but not only it"s own, rather societal and community aspect with sharing and evaluating all the data.

The third is the true type and way of seeking knowledge.


The Holy Quran & Knowledge : (40 Points)

1 . Necessity of learning. ("E"lamoo" 27 times)

2. Repeatedly blame on forsakers of knowledge.(e.g.6:50, 2:219, 7:176)

3 . Emphasis on education. (e.g. 9:122 )

4 . Knowledge, the goal of creation. (65:12)

5 . Education, the goal of all the prophets" missions. (2:151)

6 . Reflection, the goal of the descending of the Quran. (e.g.38:29)

7 . Insight, the goal of the Prophet"s ascension. (e.g.17:1)

8 . ‘Read", the first word of Allah in Islam. (96:1-5)

9 . Knowledge, is light & brightness. (13:16)

10 . ‘The Learned" only know the secret of the universe. (e.g. 30:22)

11 . ‘Allah", the first teacher. (2:31)

12 . Knowledge, human"s privilege. (2:33)

13 . The more you know, the closer to God. (58:11)

14 . ‘Prophets" were seeking more knowledge. (e.g.20:114)

15 . ‘Knowledge" man"s salvation key. (e.g.34:46)

16 . Knowledge is a pride. (27:15-16)

17. Knowledge, the main condition of leadership.(eg.12:55)

18 . Knowledge, the spring of faith. (e.g.34:6)

19 . Knowledge, the spring of piety. (e.g.35:28)

20 . Knowledge, the spring of Zohd (type of self-control). (28:80)

21 . Knowledge, the spring of technological achievement. (28:78)

22 . Knowledge is might. (27:40)

23 . Knowledge is the spring of purification. (e.g.2:129)

24 . Knowledge is the spring of patience. (e.g.18:68)

25. Knowledge, an abundant benefit. (2:269)

26 . The hellish are the ignorant. (7:179)

27 . Ignorance is the source of declination. (8:22)

28 . Ignorance is blindness. (13:19)

29 . Living with ignorance is the lowest level of life. (22:5)

30 . Ignorance is the source of blasphemy (Kofr). (e.g.7:138)

31 . Ignorance the main reason of failure. (8:65)

32 . Ignorance is the source of publicizing corruption. (e.g.27:55)

33 . Ignorance is the source of prejudice & stubbornness. (48:26)

34 . Ignorance is the source of seeking excuses. (e.g.2:118)

35 . Ignorance is the main reason of blindly mimicking.(21:52-54)

36 . Ignorance is the main reason for disunity and conflicts. (59:14)

37 . Ignorance is the main reason for pessimism. (3:154)

38 . Ignorance is the source of rudeness. (49:4)

39 . Ignorance is the main reason for social disasters & regret. (49:6)

40. Ignorance changes true evaluation. (2:216)

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Source: www.ihic.org.au

Author: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

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