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Marefaat Nafs -Lesson 1:Audio Lecture




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Tahaarat part 1 Saeid Tabar







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Tahaarat Part 2 Saeid Tabar






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Tahaarat Part 3 Saeid Tabar






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Tahaarat of Khiyaal: First step of Internal cleansing

1. Tahaarat of Khiyaal from corrupted beliefs, such as about Allah, Ghyaamat, revelation, angels, Hell, Heaven etc..


2. Tahaarat of Khiyaal from reject imaginations such as back biting, accusing people etc…


3. Tahaarat of Khiyaal from long wishes.


Imagination and Aghl

• Aghl is inclined towards unity.


• Aghl of most of the people is in potentiality stage.


• Mostly the intellectual issues are difficult to be understood by many people.


• When example is given or image is shown, for an intellectual issue, it becomes easier to be understood.


• This means when an intellectual form is brought down to imagination level becomes understandable.


• Khiyaal is inclined towards diversity.


• Khiyaal of all people is actualized, whereas intellect of most of the people remains at potential level.


• If we understand beliefs at the level of Khiyaal only, and do not grasp them in intellectual level, we do not qualify for heaven of Lighaa (Heaven where we can meet Allah).


Khiyaal is Barzakh 

• Potency of Khiyaal acts very similar to camera. It captures images from outside world and relay to soul.


• Khiyaal is between universe of Aghl and Matter, so is 2 sided. One side looks upward the other side looks downward.


• If Khiyaal is cleansed, becomes a mirror of upside (Aghl) for downside (Matter), that is when we start to have meaningful dreams.


• Khiyaal is the source of all our motions, emotions and actions in our daily life.


• Tahaarat of khiyaal is not possible without tahaarat of senses and external body parts such as tongue and hands and feet.


Tips on Tahaarat of Khiyaal

• A starting tip for tahaarat of khiyaal is to forget people’s defects and sins and concentrate on yours and stop talking about people.


• Believe and take it that every one is better than you.


• Check your important religious beliefs such as Allah, Towhid, Imaamat, revealation, angels, hell, heaven, Ghiyaamat, etc.. And see how much and how correctly you know about them.


• Start removing your imaginations about principals of belief and learn them by your intellect rather than khiyaal, and through works of Imaams and knowledgeable scholars.


• Think about death and visit the grave yard more often so that you can drop the long wishes.


• Remember Imam Zamaan (a.s) as much as you can, which is the best cleanser of khiyaal.


• Be persistent with your learning, not only at class. You should always be pondering upon your surroundings with eyes of oneness (Vahda).


• Once every 24 hours (best is just before Fajar) seat towards Qiblah for 20 minutes and concentrate on one particular issue. Choose good topics for concentration.


Lecturer: Saeid Tabar New zealand.

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