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  • 2/7/2009

Summer babies have stronger bones



Mothers exposed to high doses of summer sun during the last trimester of their pregnancy give birth to taller and stronger babies.

A Bristol University study showed that children born in late summer or early autumn have stronger bones compared to their peers born in spring and winter.

More sun exposure during summer days increases maternal levels of vitamin D required for the bone-building process, contributing to the birth of stronger babies.

Summer and autumn children are reported to be about half a centimeter taller by the age of 10 than winter kids.

These kids are reportedly 5 cm taller than their peers and their 12.75 sq cm supplementary bone area is also explained by having wider bones compared to winter babies.

Wider bones are not only stronger and less prone to fracture they also lower the risk of osteoporosis later on in life.

Researchers urge mothers whose late stages of pregnancy is in the summer to maintain necessary vitamin D levels by taking walks in the sun, adding that taking vitamin supplements can overcome the problem in winter mothers.

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