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5 Reasons to Have Salads


Winter has arrived which means the marketplace will be flooded with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is great time to eat fresh refreshing foods. And what could be more refreshing than a fresh bowl of salads.

Salads mean different things to different people; for some it is rabbit food, for others it is a mantra to achieve a perfect figure, some even contest that what is the point of living a young healthy life if all the fun out of eating is taken away. Whatever they say, salads are one of the most popular dishes be it a restaurant, a dinner party or any other occasions. This is because salads are healthy dishes with an abundance of different ingredients and there are many salad recipes readily available. Salad recipes can encompass so many different ingredients including regular everyday fruits and vegetables to exotic ones.

Salad recipes can also include different meats, seafood, and even tofu.

The popularity of salads is already pretty big and will continue to grow as the obesity problem continues to grow. But weight loss isn't the only reason why you should have salads there are many more, like:


1. Salads are simply delicious. Anyone who has eaten salads knows that it is a great way to mix completely different kinds of foods, textures and flavors in one meal. In salads one can mix green crunchy leaves (spinach, lettuce, cabbage, etc), nuts (almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, etc.), cereals (boiled corn, beans, peas, etc), boiled lentils (black channa, rajmah, etc), herbs (basil, oregano, mint, holy basil, etc), even some  proteins like boiled eggs or chicken and toss it with a salad dressing of honey, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar. For those who have a sweet tooth you can also add raisins, apricots, prunes, figs, etc. There are so many online recipes that will help you make salads that are delicious and out of this world!

2. Salads are very filling. Once you add ingredients like potato, pasta, beans, corn or egg, it is a complete meal in itself. Eating a salad besides being very refreshing is also very fulfilling.

3. Salads are healthy! It has fiber to keep the constipation and diseases away. It is loaded with enzymes which keep you looking like you have just passed out of college. It has truckloads of vitamins and minerals due to the nuts and greens. It has medicinal properties due to the fresh herbs.

Dry fruits like raisin, apricots prunes, and figs, when added to salads, can help you make your body alkaline which according to Ayurveda is a healthy state.

The added health benefit of green salad is that they are raw which can help you reduce cancer risk.


4. Salads are ideal for people who do not like to eat a heavy lunch or dinner because it makes them feel bloated, lethargic or plain lazy. Therefore, they can make a great choice by having salads as it would at least keep them awake after eating to conduct the business.

5. Salads are incredibly easy to make. Even an amateur chef can whip up a great salad within minutes! Men and women who hate toiling in the kitchen should surf the net for some great recipes to make salads. 

Because of all these reasons, next time at a restaurant or even hosting a party at home, definitely go with the salad as a side or main dish.

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