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White House Protestors Throw Shoes at Bush Effigy

white house protestors throw shoes at bush effigy
Anti-war protesters throw shoes at a fellow demonstrator wearing a prison uniform and mask of President George W. Bush outside the White House in Washington, on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008. (AP Photo)

President Bush may have though he"d see the last of shoes being thrown his way, but the anti-war group Code Pink showed up at the White House Wednesday to stage a protest inspired by the President"s much-discussed shoe ducking incident.


The protesters took turns throwing shoes at a large puppet that was made up to look like President Bush.

 A shoe memorial was also laid out on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House to represent the Iraqi civilians who have been killed during the war.


The group"s founder, Meda Benjamin, says she views the Iraqi reporter who threw his footwear at the president as a role model, saying:

"We feel that the Iraq reporter is now a hero throughout the world because he has expressed the sentiment of millions of people who are so angry at George Bush"s policies"

The U.S. Secret Service stood by during the protests; however there were no conflicts with authorities and no arrests were made.

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