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  • 1/14/2009

Hunger casts shadow of death over Gaza



Foreign doctors who have managed to enter the Gaza Strip say one million people in the besieged territory are at death's door due to hunger.

The doctors have called for immediate deliveries of food supplies to the Gazans, IRNA reported.


Mohammad Ahmad, an Egyptian doctor who was able to enter Gaza despite his country's objections, says many Palestinian families have no food to eat.


Up to a few days ago, bread was the only food for most of the families in the strip, but today there is not even enough bread, he lamented.


Ahmad stated that those children lucky enough to survive the Israeli attacks will develop severe mental and physical ailments in the near future due to the war.

The Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, which began on December 27, was launched after about 18 months of tight siege imposed on the Palestinian people of the territory.

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